Monk TV Series Season Episodes on DVD


Monk TV Show Overview

Monk is an American crime television series drama that ran on the USA television network. The show was created by Andy Breckman. On the popular hit television show Monk,  Tony Shalhoub stars as Adrian Monk.  The show is primarily a mystery series TV show, although the television show also features broadly comic touches, especially in relation to the main character’s insecurities. The Monk TV series debuted on July 12, 2002 and ran through December, 2009.

The main character, Adrian Monk, was a former homicide detective who suffered a nervous breakdown after the death of his wife. After he recovered, he began working as a private detective. The character has a number of compulsive habits and phobia, which often get in the way of his detective work and those who are involved with his cases. He also has an extreme case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which ended up costing him his job as a homicide detective. He often tries to overcome his fears in various ways.

Most of the shows plots are about solving a murder. Sometimes the killer is known, and must be proven guilty. In other cases, the killer is not known and must be found.

Monk Television Series Season Episodes on DVD

The shows entire run is available from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Individual seasons can be purchased, as well as a 32-disc set containing the entire series. Many of the individual DVD’s contain bonus content such as cast interviews and featurettes.

  • Monk – Season One on DVD (2002) – Includes the 12 episodes from the first season.
  • Monk – Season Two on DVD (2002) – Includes all episodes
  • Season Three on DVD (2002) – Includes 16 episodes from the third season, and five featurettes.
  • Television Series – Season Four on DVd (2002)
  • Season Five on DVD (2002) – All 16 episodes from the fifth season in a four disc set, plus bonus features.
  • Season Six on DVD – All 16 episodes from the sixth season.
  • Season Seven on DVD – All episodes from the final year.

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