Missed Warning Signs in the Murder of UVA Lacrosse Player

Murder of UVA lacrosse player

The violent history of the University of Virginia (UVA) lacrosse player charged in his ex girlfriend’s death – including a previous alleged attack on her that went unreported – has prompted calls for increased awareness of past criminal history of students on campus.

Yeardley Love, 22, was found in a pool of blood in her off campus apartment by her roommate. In court documents, police say Huguely, 22,  admitted to them that he kicked in Love’s bedroom door, shook her, and that her head repeatedly hit the wall. He has been charged with her murder. The two dated more than a year, but broke up shortly before her death.

Now, reports are surfacing that George Huguely had attacked Yeardley Love several months before while in the company of visiting other lacrosse players from the University of North Carolina (UNC). The incident at the University of North Carolina was reportedly broken up by other lacrosse players. At that time, no police reports were ever filed regarding the incident.

UVA Present John Casteen stated that he was surprised to learn that there was no notification system in place that would have alerted the University to Huguely’s run-ins with the law, including a 2008 arrest in which he threatened a female officer. Moss, the police offer, said she was forced to use a TASER® on the 6 foot 2 inch, 209 pound Huguely after he hurled racial and sexual obscenities at her and threatened her life. He told Moss, “I’ll kill you. I’ll kill all of y’all. I’m not going to jail.” The case resulted in a conviction for public intoxication and resisting arrest.

This lack of notification to the University of a student’s criminal convictions is a flaw in the system that UVA Present John Casteen has vowed to change. “We are going to require a screen each semester to make sure we have identified any incident that has not been reported to us,” he said.

Jonathan Kassa, executive director of Security on Campus Inc., said campus authorities should know if their students have criminal histories. “Campuses should absolutely be doing background checks to make sure that serious felonies, sexual assaults or violence or intimate partner crime, gun violence — that those students are not part of their campus community,” he said.

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