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Hire a Private Investigator in Minnesota
St. Paul, Minnesota

Hire a Private Investigator in Minnesota

If you need to hire a private investigator in Minnesota, please review this list of private investigators and agencies in the state. Before hiring a detective in Minnesota, contact the appropriate state licensing authority to confirm current license information. To verify a license in Minnesota, contact:

Minnesota Department of Public Safety Private Detective & Protective Agent Services Board
445 Minnesota St., St. Paul, MN 55101
(651) 215-1753

View the Website and the State law. Also, visit the Minnesota State Private Investigator Association.

The following list of private eyes is in alphabetical order and is by no means a ranking. Before you hire a private investigator in Minnesota, we encourage you to evaluate each P.I.’s services and select the most appropriate provider based on your individual needs. Take the time to review the website (if available) and call several different agencies to ask questions and get price quotes. To learn more about hiring a professional PI firm near you, and get more details on the costs involved, read our article Tips for hiring a P.I.

Astro Investigations

Owner – Don Sazma
P. O. Box 2585 Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
Telephone – (651) 675-8511
FAX – (651) 552-7843
[email protected]

Astro Investigations is a Minnesota Licensed Private Detective – Investigations Agency. Astro Investigations provides investigative services for attorneys, businesses – employers, insurance companies -insurance claims, and the general public.

Astro Investigations consists of a team of seasoned and experienced law enforcement personnel who have conducted multiple investigations over the years. Our investigators are experienced in knowing where to find facts, information, conduct interviews and conduct surveillance. Couple this with time management, our investigators focus on relevant facts which not only saves us time, but also reduces the costs to the clients.

We only conduct ethical investigations and we will not engage in unethical conduct or tactics.

Serving Minneapolis – St. Paul – Greater Minnesota. Minnesota PI License #1058

Authentic Investigations, LLC

P.O. Box 8533, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408
Phone: (612) 871-7244
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.authenticinvestigations.com

Private Investigator License Number 528

Blue Heron Investigations

Owner – Thomas Goodpaster / President
P.O. Box 49082, Minneapolis, MN 55449
Telephone – 763-323-7324
FAX – 866-363-9153
[email protected]

Blue heron Investigations is a Minnesota licensed (872), bonded and insured Private Detective agency specializing in surveillance and counter-surveillance. Our full service agency provides investigative solutions for theft, vandalism and stalking problems; infidelity; child custody; thorough background checks; missing persons & witness locates; insurance & legal investigations; and process serving. All inquiries are treated as confidential. We have over 20 years of private detective / protective agent experience. All major credit cards are accepted.

ClaimCheckPI LLC

Minnesota & Wisconsin
Owner – Gerry Marko / Owner
Telephone – (763) 245-0310
FAX – (715) 825-5566
[email protected]

Insurance, Business and Personal Investigations & Surveillance. Twenty-Five years Law Enforcement and Insurance Claim experience. Undercover Video Surveillance, Activities Investigations, Accident Scene Investigations, Fire Loss-Cause/Origin, Background Checks, Assets Determination, Recorded Statements, Property Theft/Loss, Witness/Subject Locates, Wrongful Death Claims. (Minnesota License #965) (Wisconsin Private Investigator License #062)

Inner Scope Incorporated

Owner – Sandra Meyer
11525 Zea St., Minneapolis, MN 55433
Telephone: (763) 238-0661
[email protected]

Private Investigator License Number: MN 1008

Licensed Private Investigator. Services Include, but not limited to, Insurance Defense, Workers Compensation, Insurance Fraud, Rolling and Stationary Surveillance, Civil, Criminal, Pre-employment Backgrounds, Locates, Process Service, Document Retrieval, Nationwide Data Base & So Much More. Twenty Six years of service for private, corporate, legal and commercial sectors.

Metro SIU

Owner – Don Sazma
2392 72nd Ct E. Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota 55076
Telephone – 651-675-8511
FAX – 651-552-7843
[email protected]

Our investigative team consists of experienced law enforcement personnel who have worked in Law Enforcement Special Investigation Units. Law Enforcement Special Investigations Unit often conduct high profile and complex investigations where knowledge of the court system and experience in conducting thorough investigations is a must.

Licensed Private Investigator in Minnesota. Minnesota License #1058

MN-Behavioral Intelligence (MN-BIA)

Owner: Marshal Mehlos
Carver County office
Young America, Minnesota 55397-4515
Phone: (763) 300-8440
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.mn-bia.com

Private Investigator License Number: Minnesota #2021

MN-Behavioral Intelligence is a private investigative agency serving the state of Minnesota. They specialize in human intelligence (HUMINT) gathering and verifying discovery with Behavioral Evidence Analysis. The agency adheres to a strict process. All detective work employs specialized service methods from the discovery process through the final written report of case conclusions:

The Threshold Assessment (TA), reviews the current evidence and weighs the specifics of the case as to what is known and not known of the events gathered from multiple sources. The TA leads the investigative direction with an initial hypothesis of subjects and motivational behaviors. Statement Analysis (SA) method furthers discovery within previously unrecognized content found within documents and transcripts. It is most valuable in the detection of deception within written and audio recorded documents.

Forensic Elicitation Interviewing (FEI) is the face to face method which seeks verification from witnesses and subjects of interest. It is an ethical, legal, and non-coercive fact-finding method to serve four goals: additional fact finding; detection of deception; ruling out the likelihood of a false-positive witness; ruling out the likelihood of a witness affected by a mental impairment or is merely resistive.

Behavioral Evidence Analysis (BEA) will confirm and logically deduce a profile of subject’s relationships and motivation within a given event. This procedure aids in differentiating the four types of ‘mens rea’ and the degree of culpability. More information is available at www.mn-bia.com.

MN-Behavioral Intelligence serves private law firms, public defenders, DA offices and others seeking fact based truth through unbiased discovery. Typical clients come from cases including child custody investigation, employee theft, missing person and criminal defense.

Talon Investigation LTD

P O BOX 600058, SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA 55106-0001
Telephone – 651.774.6977
FAX – 651.771.1576
[email protected]


If you have any questions before you hire a private investigator in Minnesota, please leave a message below.



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