Matlock Television Series Season Episodes on DVD

Matlock on DVD

Matlock TV Show Overview

Matlock is an American television legal drama that stars Andy Griffith in the title role of Ben Matlock. The Matlock television show originally aired from September 23, 1986, to May 8, 1992 on the NBC television network, where it replaced the popular action TV drama, The A-Team. Then it ran from November 5, 1992 until May 7, 1995 on the ABC network. On the popular legal show, Andy Griffith plays an Atlanta defense lawyer who charges $100,000 per case to defend clients by finding the real killer.

  • Matlock Television Series – The First Season on DVD – Includes all of the enjoyable episodes starring actor Andy Griffith from season one.
  • Matlock – The Second Season on DVD – Features all episodes from season two.
  • Matlock Television Series – The Third Season on DVD – All episodes from the TV series in season three.

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