Hire a Private Investigator in Luxembourg

Hire a Private Investigator in Luxembourg
Hire a Private Investigator in Luxembourg

How to Hire a Private Investigator in Luxembourg

Following are *Luxembourgian* private investigators and investigation agencies in Luxembourg. Before you hire a private investigator in Luxembourg, contact the appropriate licensing authority to confirm current license information.

DPL Intelligence

Owner: Thierry ARTHAUD
Rue Kelvert 1, L4598 Differdange, Luxembourg
Phone: +352 661 905 905

Administrative information

Administrative approval : RCS N° : *A40548*

Professional Insurance : Bâloise Assurances N° *35540937*


We offer a professional Private Investigator service in Luxembourg. We undertake investigations in Luxembourg, France, Germany, Belgium, Monaco, Swiss. Our prices are fixed and competitive, and we aim at providing the best possible service for the minimum cost to our clients.Whatever difficulties you are experiencing, we can help whatever the case, we will provide you with a highly effective service which will bring you the satisfaction and peace of mind you require. Our offices are situated in Luxembourg, where we are happy to meet clients with prior appointment.


● Infidelity
● Tracing missing persons
● Locate Debtors
● People Search
● Find Family
● Surveillance services
● Cheating Spouse Investigator
● Financial Investigator
● Locate Assets Worldwide


● Tracing hidden assets in Luxembourg and offshore
● Asset Search
● Debt and debtor Tracing
● Dedicated corporate investigators
● Commercial And Industrial Surveillance
● Cheating partner investigations & surveillance
● Staff sickness and absence investigation/surveillance
● Employee surveillance
● Counter surveillance
● Company background and credit checks
● Background investigations and checks – due diligence
● Surveillance supported by covert photography and detailed reporting
● Tracing missing people, relatives or debtors
● Forensic investigations
● Fraud & scam investigators
● Fraud and deception investigation
● Proving counterfeit intellectual property rights violations
● Fraudulent claims Investigations
● Fraud – retail and Corporate Trade Losses

Professional and dedicated investigators, our investigators can be contacted in total confidence. All enquiries will be dealt with discreetly.

If you have any questions before you hire a private investigator in Luxembourg, please leave a comment below. Please return to our directory home page if you need to hire a private investigator in another location.


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