Lock Picking Books: Learn How to Pick Secure Devices Like a Pro

picking a lock
Learn how to pick a lock like a pro.

Have you ever wondered how to pick a lock?  It looks so simple on TV and in the movies.  Someone walks up to a door, slips in a special tool (sometimes even a simple credit card) and the door miraculously opens.  It may not be as easy as it looks, but you too can learn the tricks for bypassing locks with these helpful lock picking books and reference guides. These “how-to” lock picking reference books will explain:

  • How different types of locking mechanisms and keys are designed, and how to understand the type you are dealing with
  • The tools that private investigators and police use to gain access to a secured door
  • How to pick a door like a pro using basic tools
  • How to pick a combination lock
  • How to pick a tubular device
  • Learn techniques such as shimming, bumping and bypassing
  • Where to buy the equipment that is necessary to perform the job

Although it is unlawful to do so in most circumstances, private detectives may find themselves in situations where breaking in to a particular location may be necessary. Let’s face it, sometimes an investigator has to bend the rules to get the information needed to find a lead or break the case. While it is difficult to pick up all of the necessary skills simply from reading, books will help you understand the basics.

Following is a list of best-selling books and reference manuals on the subject:

Visual Guide to Lock Picking (Third Edition)

The definitive guide for learning the art of lock breaking includes graphical illustrations for how it is done. This guide explains the many different types of latches and the step-by-step instructions to circumvent their protective features. Having visual images makes understanding the process much easier. This book is great for both for private investigators, security personnel and locksmiths.

Practical Lock Picking: A Physical Penetration Tester’s Training Guide

An instruction manual that is geared toward penetration testers and information security professionals who test the ease or difficulty of breaking latches or bolts. The book includes detailed diagrams and easy to follow instructions. It discusses techniques used by professionals such as shimming, bumping and bypassing. Includes a helpful DVD with videos and color images. In addition, the appendix explains the tools that are available to support your needs.

Secrets Of Lock Picking

This book reveals the tricks and tools for bypassing key and combination locks with pin tumblers, mushroom and spin, warded, tubular cylinders, magnetic, padlocks, and car door locks.

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