List of Foreign Embassies Located in the United States

foreign embassies

What is a Foreign Embassy?

Foreign embassies house the offices of foreign ambassadors and their staff. The United States has embassies located in foreign countries and other countries have embassies located in the United States. A list of foreign embassies located in the United States is available on the U.S. Department of State (State Department) website.

Embassy websites typically contain important contact information, a list of available publications, information about the country, tourism, news and more.

Why Embassy May be Important to Detectives

Private investigators may need to leverage the services of an embassy or their staff during the course of an investigation. Detectives may find this list helpful when conducting international investigations and when attempting to locating missing persons who may reside in other countries.

If your case leads you to an international destination, make sure you know the location and contact information for the U.S. embassy located in that country. It may become a valuable resource should you run into trouble during your investigation.



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