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About LexisNexis

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions and its sister company LexisNexis® Legal & Professional are part of the RELX Group. The RELX Group is a global provider of information and analytics designed for professional and business customers across industries. The group serves customers all over the world and employs about 30,000 people. This article focuses on LexisNexis Investigation Solutions that are relevant to law enforcement, public safety professionals, and those who work in the investigation industry.

LexisNexis Investigation Solutions

LexisNexis develops legal, professional, and risk solutions for law firms, government agencies, and corporations to support everything from investigations to fraud detection. Many of the company’s solutions in the Risk space are designed for law enforcement and can also be used in private investigation agencies. Although the company offers many more services, we’ll focus on those most relevant to law enforcement and private investigators.

Law Enforcement and Public Safety Solutions

The company’s law enforcement and public safety solutions are designed to help departments make decisions based on comprehensive, up-to-date, nationwide law enforcement data and information. In addition, they help departments share information and collaborate on cases more efficiently. Powerful analytical tools and linking technology are used to:

  • Analyze information from billions of state, regional, and national public records, agency data, and other sources to help make decisions, investigate crimes
  • Analyze mapping and reports to leverage resources better and maximize effectiveness.
  • Generate leads, conduct investigations, and solve crimes.
  • Share data on a national basis to help identify individuals, suspects, witnesses, and fugitives and enable cross-jurisdiction collaboration.
  • Recognize patterns and more effectively deploy resources
  • Share crime data on a free online community crime map
  • Automate the crash and incident reporting process
  • Intelligently link data from multiple sources to develop a complete picture of an individual and identify interrelationships and connections, business associates, relatives, assets, and more.
  • Generate alerts to help police identify criminal activity, develop leads, and respond more quickly.

Accurint® for Law Enforcement

Accurint® is designed to help agencies locate suspects, find missing persons, and solve cases more quickly. It can be used to save time and solve more cases by:

  • Confirm the existence of assets, such as property, vehicles, and FAA aircraft
  • Uncover evidence of criminal history and/or monetary challenges
  • Search through billions of records and thousands of sources to identify links between people, assets, and businesses
  • Find phone numbers for landlines and cell phones
  • Work more quickly and efficiently by accessing large amounts of data in a single comprehensive database search, which helps save time and reduce costs
  • processing thousands of records to locate suspects, witnesses, and fugitives for criminal investigations.
  • It Shortens crime investigation time by giving you instant access to public records that ordinarily take days to collect.
  • Improve investigative processes with high-quality leads culled from critical information tailored to specific law enforcement challenges.
  • Customizable alerts of changes in profile information can help law enforcement generate leads and respond faster to potential criminal activity.
  • The Case Connect add-on allows agencies to manage, share, and compare investigative case notes and information with other departments. Alerts can be set to alert everyone involved in a particular case when anything changes. This improves inter- and intra-department communication and collaboration, saving time, money, and resources, ultimately helping to solve cases more quickly.
  • Search thousands of current and historical news sources to augment your investigation and help identify connections between people, places, and events

Getting Started with LexisNexis Investigation Solutions

For more information, visit LexisNexis Investigation Solutions.

You’ll find more detailed descriptions of the abovementioned resources on the website. In addition, you’ll find helpful articles, infographics, presentations, and case studies demonstrating how organizations have used the tools to improve operations, maximize efficiency, solve more cases, and reduce crime.

If you’re ready to speak to a representative or request more information, click the Contact Us link on the website and complete the online form. If you prefer to speak with someone, contact Lexis Nexis directly by calling 1-800-869-0751.


We cannot provide specific pricing details, but several options, including flat-rate pricing plans, are available. Contact a representative for more information.

Technical Details

Accurint is a web-based solution, so there are no hardware or software solutions to purchase. Our flexible pricing options include flat-rate plans that offer law enforcement agencies predictable, cost-effective investigative resources that fit their budgets.

Training and Support

All accounts are assigned a personal account manager who can assist you with determining which solution best fits your needs, help you with access to the system, and answer any questions you may have. In addition, training on how to use the system and its features is available at no cost.

Important Note: In most cases, LexisNexis aggregates data and information. This means they pull records from outside sources and are not the actual source of information. As a result, if data is inaccurate or wrong in the source file, the data pulled into a particular report will also be wrong. Therefore, correcting such information has to be done at the source, not through LN.

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