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Private detectives deal with the law and legal matters daily. Law-related issues are involved in almost every aspect of an investigation case. Detectives will deal with law enforcement officers, attorneys, court clerks, paralegals, and more. In addition, private eyes will deal with the law regarding running their own business. Having the right software and legal tools can help save time and keep you in line with the law.

Do-it-yourself legal software helps you prepare and print essential documents for personal and business purposes. In some situations, private investigators can avoid the cost of hiring an attorney by doing some of the basic paperwork. However, we recommend using an attorney for more complex issues and advice.

Many of the software tools on the market will help automate such processes as preparing legal forms, contracts, documents, and more.

Following are examples of the most common law software:

  • Quicken Willmaker Book & Software Kit (Quicken Willmaker Plus) – This software program includes planning tools for creating wills, living wills, trusts, and more. This application is excellent for private investigators who need to conduct their estate planning or if they wish to understand the documents more clearly for an investigation case. Check out’s bestseller – Quicken WillMaker Plus 2015
  • Quicken WillMaker Plus is the easiest way to create a personal estate plan. Whether you’re just getting started with the process or you need to update previous estate planning arrangements. The software guides the users through the process from start to finish and gives them the legal information and advice they need to protect themselves and their families. Quicken WillMaker Plus includes a customized estate plan, including a will, health care directive, and other essential estate planning docs; an interview-based format that walks you through the process, a helpful legal manual that includes answers to frequently asked questions, legal updates, and technical support.
  • Quicken Legal Business Pro – A law software package that helps you start and run a business. The package includes business contracts, forms, financial worksheets, checklists, and reference books. This is a perfect package for a private detective just starting up their agency and wants to ensure they do it right.
  • 600 Legal Forms and Guide – This product Includes law forms such as Power of Attorney, Real Estate Deeds, Landlord and Tenant forms, loan agreements, and much more. It is an excellent tool for planning and protection. These forms can be helpful for many aspects of your investigative business, from business formation to purchasing real estate, employment contracts, and much more.
  • My Attorney Home & Business – This product includes business contracts, documents, letters, worksheets, and interviews.

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