Police Job Listings and Law Enforcement Career Fields


With increasing crime rates, and the need to keep security and order, law enforcement careers are becoming more important every day.  Law Enforcement officers are responsible for protecting people, property, and so on. In this light, law enforcement officers are an indispensable part of our society for past centuries, presently, and for years to come.

If you are considering a career in law enforcement, you may want to look for job listings for law enforcement through online job search websites, local law enforcement agencies, job finder papers, job fairs, etc. But before giving it a go, here are some of the most common law enforcement professions available: FBI Agent,  Police Officer, Forensic Scientist, State Trooper, Secret Service Agent, Customs Agent, Game Warden.

Following is a brief description of some of the available law enforcement jobs that might be of interest to you:

FBI Agent Jobs

The FBI uses intelligence as means to prevent and deter crime, as well as in bringing into justice violators of the law. Their support team includes specialists from various fields like intelligence, IT or information technology, language, forensics, etc.

Police Officer Jobs

Police Officers are also in demand, and they work by enforcing federal, state and local laws to reduce crime rates and protect the public. With great benefits and salary packages at stake, people who underwent training and have an extensive experience in this field are the best candidates to get a spot on job listings for law enforcement as police officers.

Forensic Scientist Jobs

Forensic scientists works on evidences using cutting-edge technologies and techniques, which includes DNA analysis, ballistics and firearm examination. As of today, forensic science is becoming more popular, especially in validating and presenting evidences in courts of law that the demand for forensic scientists increases.

State Trooper / State Police Officer Jobs

State troopers, state police officers, or often times called highway patrol officers enforces vehicles and road rules and regulations.

U.S. Customs Agents

Customs agents help the nation by preventing terrorists, terrorist weapons, and the like from entering the country. They are first in line in terms of facilitating import duties and trade laws.

Secret Service Agent Careers

If you want to be part of an elite law enforcement organization, then becoming a secret service agent might be the right job for you. Secret service agents have roles in protecting, especially the President, Vice President, VIP’s, heads of state, and in conducting security related investigations as well.

Game Warden

A game warden patrols hunting and fishing areas   and does the following as part of their duties: Enforces fishing, hunting, and boating laws; search and rescue, and undercover operations; reporting of fish and wild life conditions, etc.

Police Officer Jobs

To land a job, the next thing that you need to do is go over job listings for law enforcement, and look for an opening for your chosen career. It is important though to make sure that you pass the initial requirements and qualifications in order for you to be shortlisted. Having the knowledge, educational background, training, experience, and potential will strengthen your chances of becoming a law enforcer. Combining it with the right attitude, the willingness to learn, and passion will then pave the way for a successful career.


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