Knight Rider Television Series on DVD

Knight Rider
David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider

Knight Rider is an American television series that originally ran from 1982 to 1986.  The Knight Rider television series was broadcast on the NBC television network and starred actor David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight. Michael Knight drove a talking car named Kit (a tricked out black Firebird which was quite popular at the time) that was powered by artificial intelligence. The TV show was conceived and produced by Glen A. Larson and was an instant sensation.

To some, the show was considered to be cheesy, but for die-hard Knight Rider fans, the series was pure gold. David Hasselhoff milked that cheeziness to his benefit and became an international acting sensation, especially overseas.

Knight Rider reruns are available on the Retro Television Network, Hulu, and Sleuth. The show is also available on DVD from See below for more information.

Knight Rider Season Episodes on DVD

  • Knight Rider on DVD – Season One (1982) – Contains all 21 episodes from the first season. In addition, this set contains a TV movies called Knight Rider 2000 (aired in 1991) and interview footage.
  • Knight Rider – Season Two on DVD (1982)
  • Knight Rider – Season Three on DVD (1982) – Features all 21 episodes from the third season
  • Knight Rider – Season Four (1982) on DVD – Includes 21 digitally remastered episodes. Includes an 80’s television flashback featurette.
  • Knight Rider: The Complete Series on DVD – This DVD collection includes all 84 episodes from the complete television series. Contains 24 discs and a wide variety of bonus features.

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