Justin Bieber: Teenage Heartthrob to Disgraced Pop Star

Justin Bieber performing
Justin Bieber

In the early hours of January 23, pop star Justin Bieber was arrested for illegal drag racing in a residential area, driving under the influence and driving without a valid driver’s license. The singer was driving a yellow Lamborghini and was reportedly drag racing against a red Ferrari. The illegal race occurred in a residential area with a 30 mph speed limit, but the two were found speeding at over 60 mph.

Upon investigation, the driver of the red Ferrari was found to be artist Khalil Sharieff, a new recording artist with Def Jam.

Both 19-year old singers were arrested and taken to a Miami jail. The biebs reportedly resisted arrested. A Miami judge set a standard $2,500 bond and he was released in about an hour.

Results revealed in toxicology reports

A recent toxicology report revealed by the Miami police stated that Bieber was under the influence of marijuana, alcohol and Xanax the night he was arrested. An officer stated that he reeked of the substance and was talkative and excitable during their interaction. The police also reported that Justin used profanities and insulted the police officers, and was referred to as very ‘cocky’. The pop star showed obvious signs of intoxication such as bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils and flushed face. Not surprisingly, Justin Bieber repeatedly failed the field sobriety test.

New criminal assault charges in Toronto

Not long after the Miami incident, another wave of controversy hit the ‘Boyfriend’ hit-maker. Bieber was slapped with criminal assault charges for attacking a limo driver in Toronto. While the incident itself occurred in December, the charges were brought to light in the last week of January. After a somewhat minor skirmish between the driver and Bieber’s entourage, Justin was summoned by the Toronto police for an interview. When he failed to appear, Justin was given a citation and booked for criminal assault.

Other complaints against Bieber

In the past several months, Bieber also faced several other complaints, both official and unofficial. A Miami police report claims that some of its local police officers escorted the singer and his entourage to strip clubs in the city without prior authorization. He is also under investigation for allegedly egging a neighbor’s home in California, causing over $20,000 in damages. A search warrant was issued for Bieber’s LA mansion and his security camera system and iPhone were seized for as evidence in the investigation. Neighbors in the Oaks community in Calabasas, California, also claimed that Bieber often raced his expensive sports cards in the residential streets of the neighborhood. He was also known to host loud parties in the neighborhood, leading to heated confrontations with his neighbors. No charges were filed.

Deport Bieber: Citizens take a stand

Following the arrest and sudden downfall of Bieber’s teen heartthrob image, many residents in the United States took a stand to revoke his Green Card. After filing a petition with the White House and receiving over 100,000 signatures in a matter of days, the petition requested that he be deported due to his ‘dangerous’, ‘destructive’, ‘reckless’ and ‘drug abusing’ antics. Owing to the large scale of the petition, the White House will be forced to respond, but has not provided any official statement in response yet.


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