Justin Bieber Ignites Feud With Lord Of The Rings Star Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber

It is no secret that entertainer Justin Bieber and Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom do not particularly see eye to eye on things. The pop icon, Bieber and the action-hearthrob, Orlando Bloom were videotaped having a heated argument at the popular Cipriani restaurants in Ibiza, Spain. The argument is assumed to be over Bloom’s former girlfriend, and Australian model, Miranda Kerr, resulted in Bloom attempting to punch The Biebs. Issues between the two were apparently bubbling for some time, with things finally coming to a boil in Ibiza.

Bloom Attempts to Attack Bieber

The video footage captured shows Bieber and Bloom engaging in a heated argument, before the ‘Lord of The Rings’ star attempts a swing at Bieber, only to miss. Bieber’s entourage was quick to step in and intervene before the matter escalated. Sources have explained that Bieber originally approached a table where Leonardo Di Caprio and Bloom were sitting. Bieber extended his hand to greet Bloom, but Bloom snubbed the pop-icon’s friendly gesture. It is reported that Bieber took offense, before offering a quip, regarding Bloom’s ex-girlfriend, Kerr.

Kerr and Bieber’s Relationship

The incident is the latest in a long-standing alleged feud between Bieber and Bloom. In November 2012, Bieber was photographed cozying up to Kerr at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It is believed that the two continued to exchange flirtatious messages – something that Bloom was not thrilled about. Kerr and Bloom announced their break-up towards the end of 2013, with many sources claiming that Bieber had had a hand in it.

Following the break-up, Bloom was photographed on a date with Bieber’s former girlfriend, Selena Gomez, as the two attended Chelsea Handler’s comedy performance in Inglewood. Bloom and Gomez were once again spottedseen together attending the We Day California Conference on March 26th.

Reports say that the incident at the Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza took a sour turn, when Bieber allegedly said to Bloom, “She was good”, in reference to Kerr. Other reports claim that Bieber’s taunt was, “ Tell Miranda ‘What’s Up’”. While the actual details of the conversation continue to remain murky, what is clear is that there is certainly no love lost between the pair.

Instagram Taunt

Bieber continued to court controversy following the incident when Bieber took to Instragram, posting a picture of Bloom with his hand to his eye, with a look of weeping. Bieber’s later removed the picture without any explanation. However, he took a further step toward confirming his courtship of the Bloom’s former girlfriend, when he later posted a picture of her on his Instagram account, before once again opting to delete it.

The two posts garnered mixed reactions from the pop-singer’s followers. 

While the spokespersons of all three parties, Bieber, Bloom and Kerr have been contacted, no official statements have yet been issued. The silence between the two suggests that both parties would prefer to downplay the incident in the media. It is still unclear as to whether either party is looking to resolve the issue in an amicable manner.

While both individuals seem to share some amount of responsibility for this particular incident, it does leave many of their fans asking, “Will the Biebs ever grow up?” Or, will he continue with his long line of run-ins with the law, childish and outlandish behavior, and generally continue to make a fool of himself? Only time will tell, but the trend suggests he won’t be growing up anytime soon.

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