Justin Bieber Gets into Hot Water Again with N-Word Scandal

Justin Bieber n-word scandal

It seems as if there is nothing that Justin Bieber, the boy-wonder pop sensation, can do to rid himself of his tarnished image. The singer was in the center of controversy yet again this year, when two videos surfaced featuring Bieber making extremely insensitive and racist remarks, using the N-word. The videos were shot long before the singer reached worldwide celebrity status, but were embarrassing enough that the singer recently released two individual official statements apologizing for his behavior. Other news reports have suggested that there could actually be as much as 15 to 20 minutes of additional video content that has not been released.

Bieber’s public apology
Bieber’s second apology was released on June 5th, the apology made the pop icon’s remorse known, claiming that he was holding himself accountable for his actions, and also thanking his fans for their continued support . While the official statement does sound as if the pop star is genuinely apologetic about his actions, the laundry list of controversies and scandals that he has been involved in, since his rise to stardom, seem to suggest otherwise. 

Following the release of the two videos, which show the singer referring to the Klu Klux Klan, as well as using the N-word expletive, Justin’s manager and hip-hop artist, Usher has also publicly made a statement condemning Bieber’s actions. However, Usher did vehemently claim that he felt the videos had no true racist intent. Usher went so far as to defend the Biebs by claiming that while Bieber had displayed his naivete through the video, he did not intend for it to be racist in any way. Usher continued by saying that while Justin had made life difficult for himself over the last five years, it was unfair to compare him today with the person that he was before he became a worldwide sensation.

Bieber’s baptism

In a more interesting turn of events, information has recently emerged that Bieber was not content with issuing two individual apologies. Word on the street is that he was so embarrassed and saddened by the public reaction to the video, that he sought out a priest to baptize him. Reports claim that the Biebs turned to a pastor named Carl Lenz, and attended a broad a range of church services and bible study programs. It has also been reported that Bieber requested to be baptized in a private ceremony. The ceremony was said to have been conducted in a bathtub at one of Bieber’s friends’ residences.

In an additional attempt to prove that he has cleansed his soul, the pop singer and entertainer recently shared a biblical passage on his Instagram account. The message reportedly displayed his new-found faith in Christianity, suggesting that perhaps his old ways might finally be behind him.

In addition, Bieber posted a video of himself cuddling with his younger sibling, including the hash-tag, ‘#family’. The singer took some time away from touring and the media spotlight to be with his family during his father’s fortieth birthday. 

While Bieber has managed to salvage his reputation slightly, through his multiple public apologies, it does very little to erase the long stream of bad behavior during the past year.  Justin has been at the heart of controversy on a number of occasions, including being called up on charges of drug possession, vandalism and even alleged theft.

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