JAG Television Series Season Episodes on DVD

JAG TV show

JAG (the American Military acronym for Judge Advocate General) is an American adventure and legal drama television show produced by Belisarius Productions, in association with Paramount Network Television and, for the show’s first season only, NBC Productions.

The JAG television show was originally aired on NBC in 1995, but was cancelled in 1996 due to low ratings. The CBS network picked up the series beginning in 1997, and the show continued to air for another nine successful seasons. Overall, the show aired for a total of 10 seasons and continues to run in syndication.

JAG Television Series Season Episodes on DVD

  • JAG (Judge Advocate General) – The Complete First Season on DVD (1995)> – Contains all 21 episodes from season 1.
  • The Complete Second Season on DVD (1995)
  • The Third Season on DVD (1995)
  • The Fourth Season on DVD (1995) – Includes 24 episodes from season 4 on a six disc box set.
  • The Fifth Season on DVD
  • The Sixth Season
  • The Seventh Season
  • The Eighth Season

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