Hire a Private Investigator in Israel

Hire a Private Investigator in Israel
Jerusalem, Israel

Learn How to Hire a Private Investigator in Israel

Following are private investigators and investigation agencies in Israel.  Before you hire a private investigator in Israel, contact the appropriate state licensing authority to confirm current license information.

The following list of private eyes and agencies is in alphabetical order and is by no means a ranking. We encourage you to evaluate each P.I.’s services and select the most appropriate provider based on your individual needs.  Take the time to review their website (if available) and call several different investigators to ask questions and get price quotes. To learn more about hiring, read Tips for Hiring a P.I.

Abir Security Consulting and Investigation

Owner – Yanir Melech
Address – Goshen 3,Kiryat Motzkin,26312,ISRAEL, Country: israel
Telephone – 972-4-8705656
FAX – 972-8700-996

Abir is a high profiled company specializing in security consulting and investigations operates for over 15 years, licensed by the Israeli Justice dept. and a member of the Israeli private investigation association.

Yanir Melech, CEO and owner is one of the leading investigators in Israel, is an ex Israeli national secret services, participated in covert operations and uncovering high profile cases. The company deals in all aspects of investigations and provides services in the private, corporate, legal, and institutions in Israel and abroad.

ABIR is specialized in:

  • Marital relation investigation
  • Finance investigations
  • Insurance investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Exposing embezzlement
  • Tapping devises
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Locating missing people
  • Legal handovers
  • Polygraph institution approved for court admissions

Aviram Hawk – Consultant Investigations and Operations

Owner – – Aviram Azari- President
Address – Moshe Dayan 1 Blv. Haifa or 7 Aba Hillel Silver Road, Ramat Gan (Beit Silver), Country: ISRAEL
Telephone – +972-505301401

World Wide Investigator Specializing in Surveillance. Our office know how to provide answers to all types of jobs including economic information, surveillance and technical support that’s been done in Israel with our best professionalism, loyalty, and our reasonable prices. The office teams come from state units, each is experienced in its own field, using modern sophisticated equipment whilst maintaining the customary rules in the country. We provide our costumers with fast, secret and most reliable service to his or her content.

Detect Intelligence & Special Investigations Agency

Owner – ben detect
Address – mishmar hayarden 31 rishon le zion, po box 15553 rishon le zion, Country: Israel
Telephone – 972-3-6869885
FAX – 972-53-5501024

Our agency have more than 19 years of investigative experience and our staff is former members of the IDF special units, intelligence bureaus of Israel and the police force. we are people oriented business and treat every client’s concern with dignity and respect.  our specialty is in the field of assets and debt tracing, divorce and domestic investigations and undercover operations. we probably can give you a better rate conducting surveillance in Europe than a local can, due to our good contacts aboard. We will be happy to do a great job for you and help you with your case in Israel and abroad.

F & M Geron LTD.

Address – F. & M. GERON (1979) LTD. ISRAEL – GMT +2
Investigative, Loss Adjusting & Related Services – Michael Geron, C.F.E., F.IPI, C.I.I., ABI, NALI, IKD – Fred Geron, LL.B.  Charter Member, Global Investigators Network, Member, InfoPro Network
Telephone – +972 9 7441810
FAX# – +972 9 7440663

Israel Private Investigators

If you have any questions before you hire a private investigator in Israel, please post a comment below. Or hire a private investigator in another area.


  1. hello. i would like to get the background details of some individuals such as home addresses and contact details. I only have some email addresses for them. These individuals are supposedly in Israel. Which private investigator/detective do you recommend that i use?

  2. My spouse was born in Israel, her mother is German and met the father near Eilat while she was on holiday 30 years ago. Unfortunately it was a difficult time in the mother’s life and she remembers few details about the father. Just a first name and one or two details about where his family lived. My spouse in interested in trying to trace her father but I wonder, without a second name to go by will this even be at all possible and is it worth pursuing? many thanks.

  3. I am an American who bought a prescription cancer drug for my mother with RX Israel. The first time I purchased the Meds he delivered. The second time I bought a year supply for $23,900.00 US dollars. It has been 3 months, and he hasn’t sent Meds or refunded my money. I know he is an American operating in Israel. I have phone numbers and email addresses for him, but he no longer responds to me.

    • It sounds like you’ve been scammed. Overseas drug peddlers establish trust by delivering on initial shipments as ordered, then persuade you into placing a large order. Then, they simply disappear with your money. Unfortunately, I don’t think you have much recourse, and you are unlikely to recover any funds, or get the drug delivered. If you wish to try to track him down, contact a private investigator in Israel and provide them with all of the information you have on the individual. If you have them, provide copies of emails, receipts, and any other communications as well. Also, do some research on RX Israel to see if others have been scammed in a similar fashion. There may be some press about their activities, which may lead you to a governing or licensing body to contact with a complaint.

  4. I sold an apartment (dira) located in Kiryat-Gat Israel, through an attorney, some 38 years ago (1975-1976). But Minhal Mekarke’ei Israel keeps sending me a bill to pay “Dmei Chachira” every year for that apartment which I do not own. What can be done to convince them that I am not the owner, and to sop billing me for an apartment which I do NOT own.
    Thank you for your prompt response.

    • Are you confident that the company that is asking for payment is a legitimate company? There is a possibility that someone is running a scam using old property ownership records. Check out the company first.

      If the company is legit, check to see if there is a public record on file that shows the sale of the house. I’m not sure if it is handled the same way in Israel, but in the United States there is an official record on file that the property was sold, the date, the selling price, etc. If you can find it, get a copy to use as proof if they continue to pursue some type of payment from you.

      Another option is to contact the attorney that handled the sale. They may have records of the transaction to help prove you sold the property.


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