iPhone Data Recovery Tool

iPhone Data Recovery Tool

Retrieve and Backup Mobile Phone Information

As a concerned employer, spouse, or parent, entrusting a device with as much power and room for abuse as an iPhone will surely cause some anxiety. With the iPhone Spy Stick, you can put your worries to rest. This iPhone Data Recovery Tool lets you determine if your child is sending and receiving inappropriate pictures. If you’re a business owner, determine if your employees are wasting time on company phones. Or, check to see if your spouse is where they say they are. An iPhone recovery stick can also quickly and effectively retrieve and back up your data.

The iPhone Spy Stick is a way to extract data from any iPhone, including information that’s been deleted. What our computer surveillance software does for your PC, this device does for an iPhone. The iPhone recovery stick gives you access to the following:

  • Text Messages
  • Phonebook Contacts
  • Call History
  • Calendar Appointments and Reminders
  • Notes
  • Internet Search and Web History
  • Map Searches
  • Phone Properties Such as Model, Serial Number, OS Version, and More

Recover Deleted Data such as:

  • Text Messages
  • Phonebook Contacts
  • Call History
  • Calendar Entries and Reminders

The iPhone Spy Stick can even recover information without the presence of the phone if the phone has recently been synced with iTunes. With simple installation and completely covert operation, this iPhone data recovery tool is the perfect way to ensure that the iPhones you’re monitoring are properly used.

iRecovery Stick – Data Recovery and Investigation Tool for iPhones and iPads
  • Perform Investigations – Downloads user data from iPhones, iPads, & iPod Touch devices. Search feature allows you to search by name, phone number, or other keywords. Finds photos buried in text messages, photo hiding apps, and other locations.
  • View data from 3rd party apps – Find photos from file hiding apps, view Facebook Messenger messages, TikTok data, and more.
  • Supports iTunes Backup Files – iTunes backup files contain all the user data available on the device. Often, data that has been deleted from the phone is still available in the iTunes backup.
  • Search, Export, & Report – search names, phone numbers, and more, export images and videos, and create an Excel report.
  • See All Apps & Look for Malware – See all apps installed on the device and see the likelihood they are malicious based on their access to user data.

With this device, you can monitor employees to ensure efficient company phone use. Entrusting an employee with a tool like an iPhone is a major responsibility. By using the iPhone Spy Stick, you can tell if an employee is abusing your trust by spending company time on personal business, surfing the internet, and sending text messages. View call, chat, and web histories, and see text messages (even if they’ve been deleted) with the iPhone recovery stick.

If trusting an employee with an iPhone makes you anxious, that anxiety increases dramatically when putting an iPhone in your teenager’s hands. The iPhone Spy Stick will ensure that your son or daughter isn’t sharing inappropriate pictures and texts or using sensitive data so thieves can easily use it. Help your teen with lifelong data security habits early on with the iPhone Spy Stick.

This product complies with federal law. It is designed only on your device or with the owner’s permission.

iPhone Spy Stick

The iPhone Spy Stick can be used to:

  • Monitor Your Kids’ iPhone Text Messages and Internet Use.
  • Check on employees who are using company-issued iPhones
  • Restore Deleted Information

iPhone Recovery Stick Specifications

  • The iPhone Spy Stick is Compatible with iPhones using iOS 6.1.3 and below
  • Supported operating systems include: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000 or Mac OSX 10.5-10.8
  • Languages: Reads and displays ASCII characters
  • Speed of scan: Varies from 1-20 minutes (for best results, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed). Phones with more data stored may take longer to recover than others. If the recovery process goes beyond 1 hour, you may want to try the recovery on a different computer.

What comes in the box?

  • iPhone Recovery Stick
  • Manual

Note: This is not a mobile phone tracking device.

Other Recovery Resources

  • Tenorshare – Tenorshare is voted one of the best tools for selective data recovery.

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