Investigation Into Actor Will Patton’s Drunk Driving (DUI) Legal Case

Investigation Into Actor Will Patton’s Drunk Driving (DUI) Legal Case

Why are more and more Hollywood actors falling prey to drinking and driving? As if their already media-frenzied, over-the-top, always-in-the-limelight lives don’t attract enough attention, some actors such as Chris Pine and Will Patton have been careless enough to get caught for something as dangerous as driving under the influence.

Brief description of the incident involving Will Patton

Recently, Hollywood actor Will Patton was in the news, after being charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in the state of South Carolina. The 60 year-old actor was stopped by the police on the Isle of Palms and was tested for drinking and driving. The legal limit for blood to alcohol content allowed for driving in the state of South Carolina is 0.08, and Patton’s blood alcohol content showed just less than 0.10, according to court records.

According to a report recording the incident, Patton was apparently driving a pickup truck, unable to keep it steady. He was found veering the heavy vehicle over the center line of the main road. The road runs through the beach community, which is full of residents, not to mention young children and old citizens, in the northeast part of Charleston.

The police officer who stopped and questioned Patton had asked him whether he had, in fact, been drinking, and how much he had had to drink, to which Patton sheepishly recalled, “Not too much, a couple bottles … er … couple of glasses of wine,” according to police reports filed. The officer wasted no time in arresting Patton soon after the bashful reply.

According to the law of the state, any driver found drinking under the influence of alcohol is supposed to undergo a sobriety test, before he or she can be placed under arrest. Patton was too made to undergo a sobriety test by the arresting police officer, which he miserably failed. According to police reports, Patton even went as far as boldly refusing to allow the police officer to take a Datamaster blood alcohol test on him.

Patton was finally released the next day on a personal recognizance bond of $997.

Will Patton is a well-known Hollywood actor who can be currently seen on the science fiction series Falling Skies, in which he plays Colonel Dan Weaver. He is also famous for his work in Hollywood movies such as the Titans and Armageddon.

Why is there an increased number of DUI cases filed?

Alcohol may initially put you in “high” spirits because it is known to stimulate the areas of the brain that are linked to relaxation, confidence, and being social. On the down side, it reduces our ability to plan and make informed decisions. But since alcohol is a depressant it is known to delay planning and reaction time, limit powers of coordination and stunt normal behavior.

So in spite of people knowing that they’ve already had one too many drinks at the first party, why do they still head on to the next party and the next guzzling down one drink after another. Here are a few reasons why, according to research and studies:

  • They don’t believe they’re as drunk as they actually are.
  • Alcohol gives them fake confidence.
  • They look for a release from work/personal problems.
  • The ability to rationalize is obstructed, causing them to make rash decisions.
  • They, especially the celebs, are too proud or embarrassed to call someone for help.

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