Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement Investigation


A patent or a copyright can be, literally, worth billions of dollars. Most patents and copyrights are not worth that much, but many are worth a significant amount of money; otherwise that information wouldn’t be worth copyrighting. Having a copyright or patent is not only important to the wealth of individuals, but it is also vital to the development and success of our country. Without copyright protection individuals incentive to produce software, music, prescription drugs etc., is diminished.

Many companies offer an Intellectual Property Investigation service such as private detectives and background investigation companies. Copyright infringement is becoming a greater and greater problem in the United States and worldwide. Intellectual property theft includes software theft, music and movie piracy, bootlegging and imitation products.

The wave of CD burning has tapered off a bit, but illegal music downloading and torrenting software is as vibrant as ever. So many things are downloaded and copied illegally, that it would be impossible to press charges against everyone who violates the law, but the most egregious violators of the law can be prosecuted.

A good Intellectual Property Investigationrequires an investigator who has experience and knowledge of copyright laws. Such issues as entrapment, chain of evidence procedures and proper documentation need to be considered to successfully bring a case to conclusion. The cost of a typical Intellectual Property Investigation is approximately $100 an hour.


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