Hire a Private Investigator in Indonesia

Hire a Private Investigator in Indonesia

Learn How to Hire a Private Investigator or Investigation Agency in Indonesia

If you need to hire a private investigator in Indonesia, please use the following list of investigators and investigation agencies. This list in alphabetical order and is by no means a ranking. We encourage you to evaluate each detective’s services and select the most appropriate provider based on your individual needs.  Take the time to review their website (if available) and call several different investigators to ask questions and get price quotes. To learn more about hiring, read Tips for Hiring a P.I.

Indonesia Private Investigation Agency (IPIA)

Telephone +62 (0) 82146908882

IPIA is a fully registered Private Investigation Agency operating throughout Indonesia and South East Asia. We guarantee strict confidentiality and we have a eep understanding and respect of the sensitivity underlying much of our work. IPIA is an active member of the UK’s Professional Investigation Network, and our CEO and Chief Investigator holds an international qualification in Private Investigation.

Indonesia Private Investigation Agency conducts all types of detective work for private individuals. Whether it’s a background check, locating a missing person, or surveillance of a suspected cheating partner, we get the answers you need.

Businesses consult with us to solve a range of problems. IPIA has worked on cases such as uncovering internal fraud and corruption, copyright infringements, locating stolen property and running background checks on potential business partners.

PT Integrity Indonesia

Jl. RS Fatmawati no 8 B, Cilandak Barat, Jakarta 12430
Country: IndonesiaTelephone +62 21 769 82 77
FAX +62 21 766 81 82

Integrity Indonesia provide its clients with business intelligence, competitive intelligence, fraud prevention and corporate investigations. It contributes to protecting the integrity of its clients core business, its reputation, its people, its information, its brands. By providing investigative and screening services related to a wide array of compliance issues, Integrity Indonesia helps its clients to prevent fraud, to solve civil and criminal issues, to manage risks and to strengthen its overall position.

Integrity Indonesia provides pre-employment screening, corporate background check, vendor screening, fraud investigations (theft, embezzlement, corruption, bribery, etc), trademark investigations (counterfeit investigations and parallel trading inquiries), insurance claims, asset tracing, skip tracing, compliance audits, forensic work, domestic cases as well as whistle blower hotlines.

If you have any questions before you hire a private investigator in Indonesia, please post a comment below. Or, find a Private Investigator Agency in another location.


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