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Hunchly Online Evidence Collection Software


This article overviews a web capture software tool, Hunchly Online Evidence Collection, designed for online investigations. The software is intended mainly for law enforcement, private investigators, cybersecurity research specialists, and investigative journalists.

This article will cover how Hunchly helps streamline the investigation process. Next, we’ll talk about the features and benefits of the product. And we’ll give you the details about pricing and how to sign up. Plus, we’ll explain how to get help and support if needed.

The Investigation Research Process

Almost every private investigation case involves some online research. The research process usually starts by booting up your computer, opening a web browser, and entering search queries at one of the major search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Then, you review the search results list and start visiting various websites.

Next, you must scan each site’s detailed data and information. In no time, you may have dozens of browser tabs open and several dozen URLs in your browsing history. You must stop taking screenshots, save images and documents, make notes, copy and paste URLs into a text file or Word document, etc. All of this takes time and can distract you from the research process. You end up spending half or more of your time documenting what you’ve found and not enough time evaluating the information.

Enter: Hunchly Online Evidence Collection

Hunchly is a web capture tool designed specifically for online investigations. Hunchly quietly runs in your web browser and automatically collects, documents, and annotates every website you visit. Using this tool, you never forget to take a screenshot, cut and paste a URL, or save documents while browsing.

  • Website pages
  • Documents
  • Search engine results
  • Discussion forum posts
  • Social media posts and discussions
  • Dark web research
  • Court filings
  • URLs and timestamps

Create an Audit Trail – Hunchly automatically creates an audit trail of all the steps you go through during the research session. It lets you track where you’ve been and what you’ve seen along the way.

Fast Documentation – Hunchly automatically downloads and stores copies of reports, documents, and other materials to your computer. This dramatically reduces the number of times you must stop what you’re doing. Plus, it helps you tag and categorize the content along the way.

Powerful Search – Hunchly has a powerful search feature that allows you to search your documents without revisiting the websites. This is a great time-saving feature, especially when working offline.

Fast Reporting – Quickly and easily build reports in Hunchly to send directly to your clients. Build court-ready evidence packages in minutes. This saves you hours in documentation time, giving you more time to perform investigative work. Save time and improve your reporting accuracy.

Why Should Private Investigators Use Hunchly?

The main benefit of using the Hunchly Online Evidence Collection software is that it reduces the time you have to spend on documentation during the research process. Depending on how deep you have to go in a search, this can save you a ton of time on each case. The software runs automatically and captures everything for you so you can focus on doing the research.

As a result, it eliminates the need to stop what you’re doing, take screenshots, and cut and paste text and URLs. This saves you time and allows you to stay focused on your research.

Also, the software makes it easy to pull together reports for your clients or put together court evidence packages. Again, this saves you time.

Also, the Hunchly API lets you pull data into tools like Maltego, Spiderfoot, and Recon NG.

Recent Updates and Enhancements

  • Hunchly now supports Linux and Mac computers on ARM architecture.
  • Improved report builder by fixing line spacing issues.
  • Easily attach multiple files with one click from the Hunchly Dashboard.
  • Resolved a database upgrade error related to selectors.
  • Fixed the New Zealand timezone export bug for accurate data exports.
  • Opening an external link no longer causes the page preview to go blank.
  • Case reference numbers can now be imported.
  • Enhanced the accuracy of search results.
  • User-friendly error messages are displayed when there’s no access to the license location.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

Pricing Options

Hunchly offers a variety of pricing plans based on the number of licenses needed. The more licenses you buy, the cheaper it becomes per license. 

  • One license is available for $129.99 per year.
  • Three licenses are available for $349.99 annually, a 10% discount.
  • More than three licenses are available at a 20% discount, 

Visit the website for more information and the most current pricing. If you’d like to give the product a spin, sign up for their free 15-day trial.

System Requirements

To run Hunchly, you’ll need a computer with the following minimum system specifications:

  • Windows 7 or higher (64-bit required)
  • Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite version) or higher
  • Debian-based Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Buscador, Mint, etc.) – 64-bit required

Hunchly works best if you have 4 GB of RAM and at least 20 GB of storage space. Since you’ll be downloading a lot of content, more storage is better. The solution works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari web browsers. However, it currently does not work with Firefox.

Product Support and Questions

If you need help, visit the Knowledge Base. If you cannot find the answer, a contact form in the knowledge base can be used to ask questions or get help. If you cannot resolve your issue, contact support via email at We weren’t able to find a direct support phone number.


If you have questions, comments, or feedback about our review of Hunchly, please post a message below.

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