Hidden Safes, Diversion Safes for Hiding Valuables from Thieves


What are Hidden Safes?

Hidden safes (also known as hidden diversion safes) are a unique and simple home security product that allows you to hide your valuables safely inside containers that look like everyday household products such as soda cans, hair spray, soup cans, and more. This is a great way to keep your valuables safe, even from your own family members.

Experts say that, on average, a typical burglar will spend a total of about eight minutes in your home. Most burglars or home invaders will be in a hurry and will grab the most obvious valuable items such as money, jewelry, expensive art work, electronics, etc. That’s why hidden safes and diversion safes work so well, because they keep things truly hidden, in plain view.

Burglars and thieves who break into a house may know that a diversion safe exists, but they are usually scared, pressed for time and just want to get in, grab what they can and get out as quickly as possible.  Hiding valuables in a diversion safe makes perfect sense and dramatically increases the likelihood that your valuables will remain untouched.

Sometimes, hiding your valuables in plain sight is the not only the best solution for fooling burglars and thieves, but also curious children. You can use the same devices to keep things hidden from children or relatives who may have “touchy” fingers. Children can’t get things from you if they don’t know where they are being kept.

Private investigators can use such tricks to hide their own equipment, money and other things of value.

Where to Buy the Safes

Brickhouse Security has an extensive selection of covert hidden cameras, nanny cams, and video surveillance equipment for private investigators, law enforcement, and everyday people that are interested in monitoring the activity of another person. Buy Private Investigator Spy Gear at Brickhouse Security. Amazon.com also has a wide selction of products at a reasonable price.

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