GPS Phone Tracker Pro App: Track the Location of a Mobile Phone


The GPS Phone Tracker Pro is one of the best apps for tracking someone’s location. Essentially, this full-featured Android app allows you to use a person’s mobile phone to track their location. Important Note: Be sure to understand your local privacy laws that pertain to the use of this type of app. It may be illegal and could get you in a world of trouble.

Use GPS Phone Tracker Pro to track Location.

One of the private investigator’s primary tasks is maintaining surveillance on targets on behalf of the client. Few apps, if any, allow you to do this better than the GPS Phone Tracker Pro does. You are good to go once you install this app on your and your target’s phones. The app will send you real-time data on the whereabouts of your targets.

With this GPS tracking app, the people you are tracking will appear as a special icon on the app’s navigation map so that you can precisely know where they are located. This should come in handy when trying to prove that someone has been to a place where they are not supposed to be, even without having to follow them all day.

For example, when determining whether someone violates a restraining order or other court orders. This app can also give you the information you need to establish if someone is lying about their whereabouts since the app will put this information at your fingertips.

Get Directions To The People You Are Tracking

The location benefits of the GPS Tracker Pro do not start and end by telling you where someone is located by tracking their phones; you can also get precise directions to their location. As a private investigator, the need to follow someone to a particular location is quite commonplace. For instance, your client might need to know whether your target is meeting a particular person, such as when investigating marital infidelity.

Although you might not always need to follow the target physically, thanks to this app, if a destination proves to be a place such as a hotel, your physical presence might be necessary so that you can do additional surveillance work, such as taking photos to build a more convincing case for your client.

This app will make getting to your target’s location quite painless. The app will give you directions from your current location to your target. While several apps can offer this feature, very few, if any, will offer you as much convenience or accuracy as this app does.

Get Alerts When Someone Goes To A Certain Location

This app is also quite intuitive because you can even set it to alert you every time your target gets to a certain location. So, if your target is suspected of going to a particular location when they are not expected to be there, you can get the alert on your phone.

This way, you do not have to stay glued to your phone to see if your target ends up in the wrong places. You can sit back and wait for the app to give you alerts on when this happens, and then you can report back to your client or even get directions to the location to conduct more surveillance.

Find The Phones You Are Tracking with GPS Phone Tracker Pro

GPS Phone Tracker app is also a reliable cellphone tracker for private investigation work, particularly because it is a very accurate phone locator. With this app, you can determine the exact position of registered mobile devices, smartphones, and older feature phones. You can do this through the app’s website at any time of the day, all week. You have to log in to your account, and you can find where the phone whose whereabouts you want to know is located.

The good thing about this app is that you can even track people who do not have a smartphone. You can have the app send a text to the phone you want to track, and using that phone, you can activate GPS tracking by responding with a “yes” so that an icon for their phone appears on GPS Phone Tracker Pro’s maps. You can use the icon to track the person or their phone and even get directions to their location. So, this is no ordinary app.

This app uses satellites to triangulate the location of all the phones you are tracking. Sometimes, the phone you are tracking gets out of satellite view, but with this app, you do not have to lose track of such a phone. The app uses cell phone carrier towers to triangulate the phone and find its location as accurately as possible. The phone can work with various carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.


Despite having many features, this app is surprisingly easy to use, even for people without experience in GPS tracking apps. So, as a private investigator, using this tracking app should be child’s play. In addition to helping you know where the person you are tracking is located, this app goes over and beyond by giving features such as directions to get to such people. You can also use alerts to tell you when the person you are tracking gets to a certain destination, which should prove pretty useful in this line of work.

You will not have to worry that the person you are tracking does not have the latest phone when using GPS Tracker Pro. This tracking app can work even with phones on which you cannot install the app. The app can exploit different tracking technologies to ensure you always have an eye on the people you are tracking. For instance, when outside the satellite range, you can use phone carriers’ phone towers to triangulate the position of a phone and determine with precision where the person you are tracking is located.

Download and install the app via Google Play. Please comment below if you have any questions about GPS Phone Tracker Pro. Also, learn about other mobile phone spy software products, including the industry-leading program, the mSpy Cell Phone Tracking solution.

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gps-phone-tracker-pro-app The GPS Phone Tracker Pro is one of the best apps for tracking someone's location. Essentially, this full-featured Android app allows you to use a person's mobile phone to track their location. Important Note: Be sure to understand your local privacy laws that pertain...



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