Genealogy Software for Researching Family History


What is Genealogy Software?

Genealogy software helps you research your family history, discover your roots, and build your family tree.  Many genealogy software programs allow you to gather family photos, create charts, and even create genealogy books to share with family. Private investigators are often asked to conduct genealogy research due to their skill in digging up facts and information.  Leverage a good genealogy software program to help you in your search.

RootsMagic Family Tree Genealogy Software – An easy to use family tree program with extensive family history reports, multiple navigation views, photos, publishing, and website creation features. The program supports an unlimited number of people, families, events, notes, and photos. Use the tool to print books, charts, forms, lists and custom reports.

Personal Historian Software – This genealogy program helps you write a personal history, memoir, and biography about yourself or your family members. It helps keep you organized by breaking your writing into small pieces, then compiles the information into a full document.

Master Genealogist Silver Edition – This helpful tool guides you through the process of managing your own family history project. Includes features such as charts, forms, notes, and bibliographies. Also includes a historical timeline feature and a to-do list to help keep you organized. In addition, the software includes a tutorial on how to conduct research.

Generations Family Tree Software Program – A great tool for researching your family history and building a family tree.

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