Hire a Private Investigator in France

Hire a Private Investigator in France
Learn how to hire a private investigator in France.

Learn How to Hire a Private Investigator or Investigation Agency in France

If you need to hire a private investigator in France, please use the following list of detectives and investigation agencies. Before hiring a detective or agency, contact the appropriate licensing authority to confirm current license information.

The following list of private eyes and agencies is in alphabetical order and is by no means a ranking.  We encourage you to evaluate each P.I.’s services and select the most appropriate provider based on your individual needs. Take the time to review the company website (if available) and call several different agencies to ask questions and get price quotes. To learn more, read Tips for Hiring a P.I.

Patrice LIOTARD Agency

Owner – Patrice LIOTARD
16 bis, rue d’Odessa – BP37, France
Phone: 06 58 02 65 27
FAX: 06 58 02 65 27

We specialize in working with each client individually through personal type cases pertaining to divorce, infidelity, cheating spouse or partner, child custody, background checks, National asset locating and all discreet and confidential issues.

We provide also business investigation services, we can help you!

We serve as a private investigator in FRANCE Paris & French Riviera Cannes Nice Monaco, RUSSIA Moscow & St Petersburg, Bulgaria & Greece.

Many years of conducting all aspects of investigations, you will not find a more capable, dedicated, knowledgeable, seasoned and compassionate agency.

Agence Patrice LIOTARD +33 06 58 02 6527 detectiveliotard@gmail.com

Administrative approval : N°865-1 ARP 26.12.11 > National Police Headquarter
Professional Insurance
Legal Protection Insurance

AAD Alma Detectives France

Member of Cnsp-Arp and ECD.
Owner – Hollinger
11, Rue Paul Banos, Aquitaine, 33000  FRANCE
Telephone – +33 05 58 75 05 18
FAX +33 05 58 45 05 28

Alma Detectives agency is specialized in search for persons and commercial and industrial inquiries. We are members of Cnsp-Arp and European council of the Detectives

ACT Investigations

Owner – fallet, manager
BP 439 , 84072 Avignon cx 4, France
Telephone – 490860331
FAX – 490859655

French detectives firm that provides investigation services in France and Europe; business investigations, industrial, commercial and private inquiries, missing persons.

Agence Investigations

Owner – Joël AURIBAULT – CEO
03, impasse St Pierre – 21000 DIJON, FRANCE
Telephone – 33380680168
FAX – 33380680169

We are a team with French & English PI. With offices for France in Paris-Dijon-Chalon-Besançon-Lyon. Licensed since 1982 and Certified by Insurances companies for frauds. We mostly work on the international with UK and the US.  Vice-president of the French PI association Grar.

Cabinet Erhart – Paris Detectives

Owner – Gil Zimmerman, Director
1 sq Malherbe, Paris 75016 France
Telephone (33) 01 46 51 20 52
FAX (33) 01 46 51 04 03

Paris-based, licensed, worldwide investigation, information, & Internet research agency serving attorneys, US & French corporations, and international business decision-makers. The only French & American detective agency in Europe.

France Investigation

Owner – Jean C. SchmittT
16 rue Massenet 75016 Paris, France
Telephone +33142882188
FAX +33142882148

General investigations, surveillances, background and due diligence, pre-employment, member of S.N.A.R.P – France-Détectives (President) World Association of Detectives (Ambassador France & Designated Director) Association of British Investigators, I.K.D Europe (France Delegate)

Before you hire a private investigator in France, if you have any questions, please post below.

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