Five Pieces of Spy Gear Private Eyes Cannot Do Without

As a child, many people dreamed of one day becoming a professional spy like James Bond or another famous spy. Others dreamed of being a great investigator like Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew or one of the Hardy Boys. Of course, as people grow older, they realize that true spy and detective work is not exactly as glamorous as it is presented in books, movies, and television.

Still, to be a great spy or detective, one must have the right spy gear for the job. Although the actual equipment you will need for your spy and detective work will depend upon your specific line of investigative work, there are a few things anyone working as a private investigator should own.

Audio Amplifiers – An audio amplifier works to amplify sounds that occur at a distance. This allows you to hear sounds, such as a conversation between two or more people, from a considerable distance away. For example, if you are sitting in your car, you could use an audio amplifier to hear a couple of people talking as they come out of a nearby building.

Inside a building, you could spy on someone in a neighboring room, even through the walls. Audio amplification equipment is useful during surveillance mission as it allows you to hear the specific content of the conversation, which will be valuable to your client.

Computer Spy Gear – In the digital age, information is often gathered through electronic devices and tools. When computer spy gear is connected to a computer, the user can monitor what another person or other people do on that computer. The spy gear can be used to spy on a potentially cheating spouse, catch someone downloading illegal material, and a variety of other things.

The equipment could come in the form of software, which would be secretly installed on the P/C or mobile device. Or hardware, which usually comes in the form of a USB drive, which is inserted into a USB port. Both software and hardware work to record the activity that takes place on the computing device. Examples of recorded activity include keystrokes, programs used, web history, files opened, email sent and much more. With the right computer spy gear, people will not even know you are spying on them.

GPS Tracking Devices – When conducting surveillance on a subject, it is extremely helpful to know their exact location. However, a private eye can’t afford to give himself away by “getting too close” to their subject. Once their cover is blown, the surveillance mission is a bust and your client won’t be happy. That’s where GPS tracking devices come in. Often used in spy movies and television shows, GPS tracking devices can be attached to a car to pinpoint the car’s exact location.

The tracking device can be monitored remotely, driving patterns can be recorded, and an investigator can go in for a personal look when necessary. This type of equipment is invaluable when you need to provide proof of the subject’s whereabouts to your client.

Night Vision Binoculars – What spy’s supplies is complete without night vision binoculars? Night vision binoculars allow you to see in the dark by using infrared technology. When doing nighttime surveillance, your subject will not be able to see you (unless the person also has some sort of night vision enhancement themselves), but you will be able to see and study the person’s actions. This type of equipment is especially helpful when your subjects movements or activities take place primarily at night.

Hidden Cameras – Hidden cameras are a great way to get video surveillance of a person without the person’s knowledge. Often, the camera is disguised as something else. Covert cameras and video recorders can easily be installed in smoke detectors, clock radios, and many other places so people are not aware they are being watched. Video evidence of someone’s actions can be important evidence. Be sure to check the state and local laws in your area regarding video taping and surveillance.

Our spy gear section has all of the essential equipment needed by a beginning private investigator. In addition, you’ll find equipment for your personal use such as nanny cams to make sure the babysitter is doing her job and hidden safes for your valuables.


  1. I definitely use GPS tracking the most out of the five aforementioned items. I agree that without GPS my spousal surveillance would be much more difficult. Next, I would rank hidden cameras and night vision capability in importance. The audio amplifier I have not had any need for but it would be a nice option for specific situations. Finally, computer spyware I do not use as this is still too much of a legal gray area regarding privacy rights. Equipment is part of the equation but staying abreast of the pertinent laws and ethical considerations is paramount.


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