Executive Protection Books: Providing Personal Security Services

Personal security books

Providing executive protection is essentially serving as a bodyguard for corporate executives, government officials and other elite members of society.  Many private investigators with law enforcement experience, military training and firearms expertise offer executive protection and bodyguarding as a service to their clients.

In addition to career experience in the military or law enforcement, there are many professional training programs that teach the skills necessary to provide such services.

Some of the necessary skills, theories and techniques can be picked up by reading various books, reference guides and instruction manuals. The following books provide helpful information on the subject of Executive Protection.  These reference books, manuals and guides will explain how to:

  • Find the right training courses to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a career in executive protection and bodyguarding services
  • Determine the types of tools, techniques and equipment you’ll need on the job and where to buy it
  • How to serve as a professional consultant on business security measures – evaluate the security measures of a business and make recommendations regarding security systems, personnel, security procedures, and more.
  • Hand to hand combat and self defense techniques to prevent bodily harm
  • How to do pre-checks, bug sweeps and perform counter-surveillance measures
  • Advanced driving techniques

List of Executive Protection Books

The Executive Protection Professional’s Manual

This book explains the difference between executive protection professionals and bodyguards and provides you with an overview of the critical skills you need to be successful in this exciting field. The book provides tips on effective defensive techniques, how to search for electronic bugging devices and explosives, how to perform evasive driving techniques and reconnaissance. It also provides an overview of how to make a career out of protecting executives.

Executive’s Guide to Personal Security

Another great book, this guide explains how executives can improve personal security by increasing certain security measures, including physical, technical and procedural. This guide explains how executives can reduce their vulnerabilities both at home and abroad to be more safe.

The Art of Executive Protection

This manual provides practical advice to anyone who is considering a career in providing executive protection services. Great for private detectives, bodyguards, police officers, and executive protection experts. Learn about the procedures, techniques and equipment needed to offer these services to your clients,

Are you interested in learning more about this profession? Buy any of these Executive Protection Books and many more at Amazon.com.


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