Email Spy Software for Monitoring Email Programs

email spy software

Record Incoming and Outgoing Emails

Email Spy Software is the latest in email monitoring software that allows you to secretly record incoming and outgoing email on the computer you install it to. Activity emails can be forwarded to any email address for remote viewing from a different location. Parents, spouses, and employers can all benefit from monitoring the email activity on their computers).

Record All Incoming and Outgoing POP3 and SMTP Emails for easy viewing through the EmailSpy Software.  Includes is the full message, subject line, complete header information of the email, sender, and recipient.

Remote Viewing of Reports / Email Forwarding – Email Spy provides the ability to secretly forward incoming emails, outgoing emails, or both to an email address you specify.  This allows you to view emails from another computer at work, in another room, a hotel, etc without ever touching the computer you are monitoring.

Search Logs  – Email Spy allows you to search the emails it has recorded based on the criteria you enter.  This allows you to quickly find all emails by sender, recipient, or other key words.

Buy Email Spy Now for only $39.95 or visit the Email Spy Website for more information.


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