Electronic Surveillance Using Spy Gear and Hi-Tech Equipment

Surveillance is the art of monitoring the activity of something or someone. It can be conducted in many forms such as physical, electronic, or virtual surveillance.

Private investigators often conduct surveillance for insurance companies to detect and provide proof of insurance fraud.  Private eyes use physical methods and spy gear to photograph and video tape injured persons in hopes of catching them doing something that appears to be inconsistent with their physical limitations based on their injuries.

Another common format is electronic surveillance, which comes in many forms. Most often, electronic methods involves the systematic investigation or monitoring of the actions or communications of one or more persons, often using spy gear.

Surveillance is commonly used to describe observation from a distance by means of electronic equipment or other technological means.  Private eyes also conduct covert surveillance and undercover investigations which involve the use of covert cameras and spy gear.

Other examples of surveillance conducted by private eyes include:

  • Physical
  • Subject trailing or watching a person
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Telephone tapping and phone spy software to spy on cell phones or listen to phone calls
  • Directional microphones, used for eavesdropping
  • Covert listening devices or “bugs”
  • Miniature camera surveillance
  • Closed-circuit television
  • GPS tracking
  • Electronic tagging
  • Closed-Circuit  television images
  • Military reconnaissance
  • Internet and computer surveillance

Private investigators use spy gear such as:

  • Cell phone spy software
  • Hidden spy cameras
  • Night vision video cameras
  • GPS vehicle tracking system

Private eyes can also provide consulting services and counter surveillance equipment to determine if others are conducting electronic surveillance on you, or your client.

Private Investigator Services

To locate a private investigator in your area that specializes in providing surveillance services, please visit our Private Investigation Directory.  If you are interested in purchasing the latest surveillance equipment to conduct your own investigations and surveillance operations, please see our Spy & Surveillance Equipment section.

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