Electronic Surveillance and Monitoring Equipment Books

Electronic methods of surveillance

Electronic surveillance includes things such as wiretapping, bugging, spying on cell phones, and more.  Private investigators use high tech spy equipment to conduct electronic surveillance, and can also help determine if you’ve been bugged or wiretapped.

This collection of electronic surveillance books will teach you how to protect yourself and your clients from things such as electronic bugging, eavesdropping, hacking, and cell phone spying.

Following are electronic surveillance books available at Amazon.com:

Is My Cell Phone Bugged?: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Mobile Conversations Private

Learn from electronic eavesdropping detection specialist Kevin D. Murray, who leverages over 30 years experience and detailed research to explain how to control your personal privacy. The book explains the technology involved in a simple and easy to understand manner. The book is like hiring your own security consultant.

Hacking Exposed Wireless, Second Edition

Learn how to protect your wireless networks from being hacked by using the security information in this book. Learn how hackers infiltrate and seize control of vulnerable systems by penetrating wireless networks. Learn about the latest wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and DECT hacking techniques. Learn how to secure your networks and lock down your personal devices, cell phones, ipads and computers.

Surveillance Detection, The Art of Prevention

Surveillance detection is a technique that is now being revitalized and implemented worldwide the war against terror. This book explores the ways in which people can use SD as a viable preventative measure for the threats. The book will help you learn to protect yourself and will show you how to use surveillance detection to protect your property and personnel.

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Surveillance Countermeasures: A Serious Guide To Detecting, Evading, And Eluding Threats To Personal Privacy

Learn to detect and evade surveillance efforts that threaten your personal security. Learn such tactics as observation, detection and evasion are proven effective against the most sophisticated surveillance techniques used by private detectives and police officers.

Hacking for Dummies

This book is basically a guide for beginning hackers. It covers the latest security managers and explains hacks for the latest operating systems such as Windows 7 and Linux. Covers hacks for website applications, databases, VoIP, mobile phones and more. It discusses a wide range of technologies and vulnerabilities and how to exploit them and protect against them.

  • Explores the malicious hackers’ mindset so that you can counteract or avoid attacks
  • Covers developing strategies reporting vulnerabilities, managing security changes, and putting anti-hacking policies and procedures in place
  • Updated to examine the latest hacks to Windows 7 and the newest version of Linux
  • Explains ethical hacking and why it is essential

Shows you how to put security measures in place to avoid becoming a victim of malicious hacking.


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