Electronic Bug Detector: Find Hidden Bugging Devices, Cameras and GPS Trackers

Electronic bug detector
Use an electronic bug detector to scan for hidden cameras and video recording devices.

A Simple Solution for Electronic Bug Detection

As surveillance technology gets smaller and more sophisticated, it’s not always obvious when someone is watching you from a distance or listening to your private conversations. Alleviate any doubt and feel completely safe with the portable RF Bug Detector. This anti-bugging device operates as both an RF frequency detector, securing against wireless cameras and listening devices as well as GPS trackers, and a phone tap detector to warn you in case of phone bugging. This is a great tool for private detectives, police officers and security professionals who want to be sure their clients are safe from electronic monitoring.

The RF bug detection function is simple to use. Just turn the device on and its three LED lights will alert you to the presence of any devices transmitting a wireless signal up to 25 feet away, depending on signal strength. This includes wireless listening devices and cameras, as well as any GPS tracking devices. The stronger the signal detected, the more LED lights will illuminate.

The phone jack adapter allows you to connect the detection device to any land line telephone. It will alert you to the presence of listening devices like the Infinity bug, or hook-switch bypass, which turn your phone’s receiver into a microphone someone can use to listen in on your private telephone conversations. The telephone tap detect LED light will immediately let you know if someone is listening in on your private conversations.

Also included is a “white noise” generator CD. To use, place the disc in any CD player to emit an acoustic masking sound that will baffle the microphones in audio recorders and transmitters. This is a helpful tool if you think you’re being monitored, but can’t locate the electronic monitoring device. Pop in the CD and start playing to help mask your conversations.

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Examples of How The Bug Detector Can Be Used

The detection device can be used in a number of ways. For example, the device can be used to scan your home or office, or your client’s home or office for electronic bugging devices. Also, it can be used to check your personal phones and mobile phones for electronic bugging devices or “phone taps”. If you’re about to get in your car, quickly identify secretly placed GPS tracking devices that may be hidden somewhere on your car. It is also great for finding hidden cameras used by voyeurs in dressing rooms or other areas.

The equipment is super-easy to use, just flip the switch on the device to start detecting. It detects Analog, Digital & Spread Spectrum Up To 25 feet away and offers an incredible detection range up To 9 GHz.

Bug Detection Specifications

  • Power Source: 9 volt Battery
  • Antenna: Internal
  • Detection Spectrum: 9 GHz
  • Detection Range: Up to 25 feet away
  • 2 x 3.5 mm audio jack

Included in the Box

  • One radio frequency electronic bug detector
  • One Earphone Jack
  • One pair of earphones
  • One White Noise Generator CD

At the time of this writing, the total cost of the device was $249. In addition, it was in stock and offered same day shipping from Brickhouse Security.

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  1. Useful information ,Bug detectors mainly used to ensure the complete security of the premises,they can efficiently track and detect the presence of the surveillance devices.

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    This is all about bug detection
    cellphone detection is also a type of security appliances.by using this you can detect a cell phone where that is.this site will give u all the information about electronic bug detections. i appreciate your information.


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