Divorce Legal Forms for the Dissolution of Marriage or Separation

Divorce Legal Forms for the Dissolution of Marriage or Separation

Legal Divorce Forms for all 50 States

The state legal divorce forms packages listed below are for the sole purpose of obtaining an uncontested divorce in the United States. These legal divorce forms are only of use if both parties in the divorce are willing to agree to all of the terms and conditions of the divorce (e.g. they do not “contest” the divorce). This type of divorce is the quickest and easiest and the legal forms included below can help you get started with the filing process.

If you cannot agree to the terms of the divorce, you will become involved in what is known as a contested divorce, which is beyond the scope of the legal divorce form packages offered. If you are involved in a contested divorce, it is best to begin by hiring a qualified attorney.

Following is a list of legal divorce forms and divorce packages for each state. If you’re looking for other types of legal forms, please visit U.S. Legal Forms.

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