Detention: Legally Detaining Suspects or Other Individuals

Detention: Legally Detaining Suspects or Other Individuals

What is Detention?

Detention, or detaining, of suspects is the process of keeping a person who has been arrested in a jail cell, prison or other detention center before their legal trial or sentencing. Such buildings are often referred to as detention centers or detention facilities.

People can also be detained illegally or against their will. In this situation, crimes such as kidnapping or unlawful arrest may occur.

What does a Private Investigator Need to Know?

Private detectives may deal with cases that involved individuals that have been detained. Detectives may need to travel to prisons, county jails or other detention facilities to interview witness and suspects to gather information for a case. In some situations, a private detective may need to physically restrain an individual until the police or other law enforcement officials arrive. This is a rare circumstance, but it certainly does happen. It is important to note that a private eye does not have any powers of arrest.

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