CROSStrax Case Management Tool for Private Investigators

Crosstrax Case Management

This article provides an overview of CROSSTrax, a case management software tool for private investigators. First, I’ll provide a general overview of private investigator software features. Then, I’ll explain how much it costs, how to sign up, and where you can learn more.

General Overview

CROSStrax is a cloud-based case management and customer relationship (CRM) tool designed specifically for investigation businesses. The tool helps streamline the process of managing investigation cases, client and employee information, and more. Using the system will help you operate your business more efficiently, save time, and reduce costs.


Media Storage

The system allows for storing documents, images, videos, and audio files associated with each case. This makes it easy to manage your digital evidence in one centralized and secure location.

Employee / Investigator Database

Use the system to maintain information on your company’s employees, investigators, and contractors. Also, this feature allows you to assign a rating to each. In addition, the online tool allows you to store a copy of the license for each investigator and get an alert when it is time to renew.

Reminders and Notifications

Running an investigation agency involves much more than just performing investigations. Owners must manage operational tasks, delegate work to employees, perform administrative work, and more. CROSStrax allows you to create task lists and assignments. This gives you a central location to store your to-do lists and keep up with what needs to be done.

Case Assignment

One of the most valuable features of the program is the case assignment feature. Once a new case is entered into the system, managers receive an alert that it is ready to be assigned.

This feature has a geographic proximity assignment function, which suggests the investigator is located within a nearby area. This feature is extremely useful if you’re running a nationwide or regional investigation agency.

Then, managers can review the suggestion and easily assign the case to one or more investigators with a single click. Once the case is assigned, the investigator’s information is automatically populated within the case file.

Case Notes

Investigation team members can enter case notes using their computer, Android, or iPhone mobile app. In addition to storing notes, you can attach files such as reference documents or images. When someone from the investigative team enters information, their name and the date/time are attached to the message. The workflow for the notes can be set up so they are immediately available, or they can be held for approval by a manager. The published notes are displayed in chronological order.

Case History

The case management system helps you document every step of your investigation. A date and time stamp are added to everything entered into the system. This allows everyone on the team to see the full history of the case at any time. You can see when a document was uploaded, a note was made, something changed, etc. This allows you to generate court-ready reports at any time.

Reporting Features

You can use CROSStrax to generate reports on key metrics, sales and revenue, client information, audit reports, and more. You can export reports as a PDF or in a format that Microsoft can read in Excel and Google Sheets.

Billing and Expense Management

The system has time-tracking capabilities to help investigators keep up with their billable hours.

Role-Based Access Control

The case management tool uses role-based access controls, which allow access to different areas based on a person’s role. For example, the agency owner or manager would be set up to access everything. Case information might be limited to the owner or manager and the investigators working on that particular case. The agency accountant might have access to the billing and invoicing system. Whatever the needs of your firm, the system can be customized to work with your organizational structure.

Monthly Cost

Following is a general overview of the pricing. Please visit the website for current prices and more detailed information:

  • Entry – $19 per month
  • Essential – $49 per month
  • Executive – $89 per month
  • Elite – $129 per month
  • Enterprise – $199 per month

Additional Resources and Information

CROSSTrax recently acquired PI Direct Link, another investigation case management software platform. To learn more about the company, its products, and services, and to sign up, visit the website.

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