Criminologist: A Person Who Studies Crimes and Criminal Behavior


What is a criminologist?

A criminologist is basically someone who studies crime.  Criminologists often work for law enforcement agencies or departments. They work with historical data and information to analyze the behavior and methods used by criminals. Criminologists attempt to identify patterns, trends and motives to increase the likelihood of apprehending criminals. The term criminologist generally refers to someone who:

  • Does scholarly, scientific and professional study concerning the prevention, control, and treatment of crime and delinquency
  • Performs various measurements of crime and the impact on society
  • Supports the law enforcement community
  • Studies judicial, and correctional systems and the behavior of inmates
  • Studies crime in general
  • Studies criminal behavior, develops profiles and predictive models
  • Studies various types of crime and the trends associated with their occurence
  • Observes the social, cultural and media reactions to crime

Criminology may also refer to the study of victims of crime. There are increasing numbers of undergraduate courses in the subject of criminology and many different career fields to pursue.

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