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If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via email at webmaster@eInvestigator.com. Please note that the large volume of emails and spam we receive may take time for us to respond.

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We can also be reached via U.S. Mail at the following address:

P.O. Box 180
Marietta, GA 30061

Press Releases and Articles

While we generate most of our content, we are open to sharing certain information and articles you create. Following are some basic guidelines:

  • If you have a press release or article related to private investigations, please send a copy to the above email address and let us know when you would like it posted. Please do not send requests for guest posts unless they are relevant to private investigators, even if you offer to pay. Also, please do not send requests for guest posts unless you can provide specific details on the topic.
  • Have a book or ebook that is relevant to private investigators? Please send us a copy. We’ll read your book and post a full review on our website with a link to your book website, Amazon sales page, etc.
  • Have a software program or online service designed for private investigators? Please send us a copy or provide us with access to your online tool. We’ll try your system or software tool and post a full review with a link to your sales page. Please note that these types of studies take time.

Private Investigator Directory

  • If you’re a private investigator, process server, security professional, or someone who works with the investigation industry, please join our Private Investigator Directory. We have a variety of monthly and annual plans to choose from.

Questions About Hiring Us

We are an information provider, not an investigation agency. We are not available to provide private investigation services. Please visit our Private Investigator Directory to find a professional investigator in your area.

General Questions

If you have a question about eInvestigator.com’s contact information, private investigations, or interest in becoming a private investigator, please see How to Get a Private Investigator License. Also, feel free to post a comment on any page of our website. We do our best to respond to all requests.

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  1. We are Taiwan Union Private Investigation company in Taiwan, our client want to investigate a US people,con you support us or not ?
    Could you mind contact with me by return or add my whatsapp by phone no.
    ps phone no. : +886 912 727 959


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