Computer Spy Gear, Software and Tools for Monitoring User Activity

Computer monitoring

The following equipment is used for monitoring activity on computers.  The covert spy equipment allows you to record activity performed on computers and retrieve the information later. Some computer spy equipment comes in the form of spy software, but the following is actual PC spying equipment that is used to install and retrieve activity data, or it resembles a piece of computer equipment (such as a pair of speakers that contain a hidden camera).

This type of monitoring equipment allows you to find out what other people are doing on your PC. Monitor your children’s internet surfing habits and learn if they are downloading inappropriate materials, catch a cheating spouse, and more.

The following computer spy equipment is available from Brickhouse Security.  Be sure to check out your state and local laws before purchasing.

Stealth iBot Computer Spy

This USB device will covertly record everything a person does on a computer. Just insert it in an open USB slot and start recording. It captures every keystroke, website visit and will capture up to 10,000 screen shots. It is virtually undetectable by most spyware applications.

Its sneaky design embeds itself directly into the operating system and allows you to discreetly monitor a PC user’s activity.

Where to Buy Surveillance Video Equipment

Brickhouse Security has an extensive selection of covert hidden cameras, nanny cams, and video surveillance equipment for private investigators, law enforcement, and everyday people that are interested in monitoring the activity of another person. Buy Private Investigator Spy Gear at Brickhouse Security.

Also, check out our other surveillance equipment.


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