Computer Forensics Software Every Private Detective Should Know About

computer forensic software

The days when a private detective could find all the information he needed during an investigation with only a gun and a quick fist are long gone. If you are serious about becoming a private detective in the 21st century, then you’d better get used to the fact that you are going to have to also become somewhat of a computer nerd.

Computers hold valuable information on the who, what, when and why of criminal behavior and much of that information requires the use of forensic software to extricate. Get to know the following computer forensics programs as best as you can or resign yourself to hiring a knowledgeable expert a some point in the future.

  • Password Recovery Toolkit – Even if you manage to secure a computer filled with all the evidence your job as a private detective could possibly desire, it will do you no good if you can’t get past the passwords required for retrieval. When your computer investigation relies on cracking passwords to gain entry into hundreds of different computer applications, then you are going to need something like Password Recovery Toolkit to solve the case.
  • X-Ways Investigator – X-Ways Investigator is a version of X-Ways Forensics designed specifically to allow the private detective to take over the investigation of evidence buried deeply within computers much earlier in the process. The primary focus of X-Ways Investigator is to provide you with every last bit of coded information that incontrovertibly ties files to that particular computer. One aspect associated with X-Ways Investigator that has the potential to be of invaluable use for certain investigations is the inclusion of multiple tools associated with images hidden on its drives. These tools range from providing timestamps associated with photographs to a skin color detection.
  • SMART for Linux – Every private detective who may be searching for valuable information hidden away on computers needs to become familiar with operating systems other than Windows. SMART for Linux can do all the forensic investigative work that you would want to do on a computer running Windows except that it works for computers running Linux. The programs bearing the SMART name are used at all levels of the law enforcement system in America as well as the military and many private companies.
  • Digital Detective’s Netanalysis – Your investigations as a private detective will at some point almost certainly come to a dead end when retrieving information stored on a drive. What if the forensic information you need exists only in cyberspace? Digital Detective offers a program called Netanalysis which enables you to piece together the history of internet use regardless of which browser was used. In addition to the capability to put back together the information deleted from caches and browsing history, Netanalysis also helps facilitate that process of helping to identify what parts of that recovering information is actually valuable as evidence.

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