List of Websites for all States in the U.S.

City website home page
Example of a city website home page.

City Websites: A Wealth of Information for Private Detectives

Most city governments maintain a website to provide its citizens and local residents with easy access to local city information and resources, and to serve as an information resource for people in other cities who are seeking the information. These websites can be a great source of information for finding detailed information on government programs, events and contact information for various city government departments and officials.

Some of the most common features available on includes information such as the Office of the Mayor, historical information, how to find employment in the area, how to start a business, and recent local news and press releases. In addition, you can check the status of various applications submitted and find out about city and state codes and statutes.

The municipal websites often offer helpful interactive features such as the ability to pay tax bills, pay fees for traffic fines and moving violations, renew an automobile tag or license, pay for certain utilities provided by the city, pay for other fees and taxes, register to vote or find your voting precinct,  obtain special permits and licenses, report government fraud and access the state Department of Motor Vehicles website.

Resources for Investigators

Private detectives should be familiar with the applicable websites for the cities in which they conduct investigations. In addition, it is always helpful to establish a positive relationship with city officials and even administrative workers that work in municipalities. The better the relationship, the easier it will be to get access to the information you need, or to get help with tracking things down.

In some situations, you may be involved in a case which investigates the government itself, or maybe the local officials. In this case, it is helpful to understand the structure of various organizations and how to navigate through its complexities.

For links to all local government, visit the Local Government search tool on


Note: Cities that are also the state capital often provide access to a wider range of resources.


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