CHIPS Television Series on DVD


An Overview of the CHIPS TV Show

CHiPs is a television drama series produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (which is now owned by Turner Entertainment) that originally aired on the NBC television network from 1977 to 1983.  The CHiPs TV show followed two motorcycle police officers of the California Highway Patrol as they patrolled the California Highways and streets looking for criminals and solving crimes. The successful series ran for 139 episodes over six seasons.

The show was known primarily for it’s highway action, with plenty of car wrecks and interstate pile-ups in every episode. It was also know for its comedic elements combined with drama.

The show’s primary actors and actresses included Larry Wilcox (who played Jon), Erik Estrada (Ponch), Robert Pine and Tom Reilly. Of course, Erik Estrada was the show’s breakout star.

CHIPS Television Show Season Episodes on DVD

  • CHiPs – The Complete First Season on DVD – Includes all episodes from Season one and a few extras.
  • CHiPs – The Complete Second Season on DVD – This boxed set features all of the episodes from season 2 and a promotional featurette about the real California Highway Patrol.

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