Investigation Software & Apps

The latest private investigator software and mobile apps designed to help detectives conduct investigations, run online search reports, perform case management and complete business-related tasks. Also includes a review of how various investigative apps can be used on mobile devices to perform surveillance, gather information and data and much more.

Network File Monitoring Software

Network File Monitoring Software

Centralized, Undetectable Network File Monitoring that requires no Client Installations Ascendant NFM represents the latest in cutting-edge network file monitoring software tools.  Ascendant NFM is a network file monitoring...
Google Voice Search App

Google Voice Search App

An Overview of Google Voice Search Another useful and handy app that busy private detectives will benefit from is the Google Voice Search App. As the name suggests, this...
Legal software

List of the Best Legal Software Programs

Create Your Own Legal Documents and Perform Your Own Business and Law-Related Tasks Private detectives deal with the law and legal matters on a daily basis. Law-related issues are involved...
Keylogger software

Keylogger Software: Record Keystrokes, Emails and Texts

What is Keylogger Software? Keystroke logging (often called keylogging) is the act of tracking, recording, capturing or logging the keys typed on a keyboard. The keyboard can be on...
Facial recognition software

Facial Recognition Systems

FBI's Facial Recognition System The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a facial recognition system that searches more than 400 million photos of faces. The system includes images taken...
Virtual Case Management

Virtual Case Management (VCM) for Investigation Businesses

Overview Private investigators use case management software and online services to help manage various aspects of their business more efficiently. Today's solutions, such as Virtual Case Management, offer helpful features...
Anti-virus software

Anti-Virus Software

What are Viruses? Before we talk about Antivirus Software, let's talk about the viruses themselves. Computer viruses can have a major negative impact on individuals, business, corporations and even...
The dark web

An Introduction to the Deep Web and Dark Web

What is the Dark Web? The term Dark Web and it's synonyms such as Darknet, Onionland, the Other Internet and others have been getting a lot of press these...
Voice Recognition Software

Voice Recognition Software for Dictating Case Notes

What is Voice Recognition Software? Voice Recognition Software, also known as speech-to-text software, or dictation software, allows a user to interact with their computer, tablet, or mobile device by...
SneakPix app screen image

SneakyPix App – Take Secret Pictures

Most of the latest smartphones come with a high quality, built in camera. However, it's not always easy to use it to take a picture when you need it the most. Sometimes, the opportunity...

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