Celebrity Investigations

Our celebrity investigations category includes a collection of articles on celebrity arrests and the subsequent investigation. Learn about some of the most famous celebrity deaths with information on autopsy reports, coroner’s reports and death investigations, ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Robin Williams. In addition, we cover famous murders and trials like the O.J. Simpson case, Tupac Shakur and more.

Also, check out our extensive collection of celebrity mugshots taken from the booking photographs of famous actors and actresses.

Celebrities Arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Celebrity DUI – Actors and Actresses Arrested Driving Under the Influence

The past year has seen many unlawful incidents involving celebrities, including a slew of celebrities arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). We've seen high profile arrests as such stars as Amanda Bynes, David...
Actress Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes: What’s Behind Her Odd Behavior and Substance Abuse

Amanda Bynes, an American actress who starred in several television series and feature films, has been a familiar face in celebrity news in recent years. Her story of odd behavior began in early March,...
Miley Cyrus Robbery

Miley Cyrus Victim of Second Robbery in Three Months

Miley Cyrus’ year recently went from bad to worse, with reports of a recent burglary pop sensation’s home. It was reported that two intruders, a man and a woman, broke into the singer’s home and stole purses,...
Apollo Nida Charged with Bank Fraud and Identity Theft

Apollo Nida Charged with Bank Fraud and Identity Theft

On Thursday, January 23, 2014, the United States District Attorney's office in Atlanta filed a complaint against Apollo Nida. Apollo is the husband of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" reality TV star Phaedra Parks....
Marilyn Monroe's Autopsy Report

Marilyn Monroe’s Autopsy Report and Cause of Death

More than 50 years have passed since the world lost the beautiful, beloved sweetheart and sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe. Anyone who met her, watched her movies, or listened to her music, clearly remembers the wit, charm...
Paul Walker's cause of death

Paul Walker’s Autopsy Report and Official Cause of Death

The sudden demise of Paul Walker, the veritable face of the Fast & Furious movie franchise, came as a shock to both Hollywood and the world. Thousands of fans from around the world paid...
James Kottak was arrested

Scorpions Drummer James Kottak Arrested over Anti-Islamic Statements

The American drummer for popular German rock band the Scorpions, James Kottak was arrested in Dubai for making anti-Islamic comments. Known for popular hit songs like Send Me An Angel, Rock You Like a...
Robin Williams Suicide

Robin Williams: The World Reacts to the Suicide of a Comedic Legend

An Investigation into the Events Surrounding Robin William's Suicide For the past four decades, legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams has entertained millions of people around the world in a wide variety of comedy performances,...
Sandra Bullock's stalker

Sandra Bullock Encounters Stalker inside her Los Angeles Home

Sandra Bullock is accustomed to being in the news for her exceptional acting performances in movies such as “The Blind Side”, and the  sci-fi thriller, “Gravity”. However, a recent incident at Bullock’s home in Los...
How Did Amy Winehouse Die?

How Did Amy Winehouse Die? Death Investigation and Autopsy Report

After delivering such hit songs a Rehab, Love Is a Losing Game and Back to Black, it was clear that Amy Winehouse was destined to become an icon in the music industry. Anyone who followed...

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