Car Dashboard Mount Cameras for Surveillance

Car Dashboard Mount Camera
Car Dashboard Mount Camera

Car Dashboard Mount Cameras

In many situations, private investigators need a hands-free car dashboard-mount camera during surveillance missions. Dash-mountable cams provide a simple solution for capturing video while following a subject on the road or when you need to focus on driving. These cams can also be fail-safe, capturing video more consistently when you may not pay full attention to what’s happening.

How Private Investigators Use Dashboard Mount Cameras

Private investigators often use dashboard-mounted cameras (dash cams) as valuable tools during surveillance operations. Here’s an overview of how they can be beneficial:

  1. Documentation of Evidence: Dash cams continuously record the investigator’s surroundings and the subject’s activities. This documentation can be crucial for gathering evidence, especially in legal cases requiring visual proof.
  2. Unobtrusive Surveillance: Dash cams are relatively inconspicuous, unlike handheld cameras or conspicuous equipment. They blend into the investigator’s vehicle, reducing the risk of alerting the subject to their presence.
  3. Real-Time Monitoring: Some dashcams can livestream footage to a remote location. This feature allows other team members or clients to monitor the surveillance in real time, providing immediate feedback or instructions.
  4. GPS and Timestamp Data: Many dashcams record GPS coordinates, timestamps, and video footage. This metadata is essential for establishing the time and location of events and verifying the authenticity of the surveillance operation.
  5. Night Vision and Low-Light Capabilities: High-quality dash cams often include infrared (IR) or low-light recording capabilities. This is particularly useful for nighttime surveillance, ensuring clear footage even in dark conditions.
  6. Hands-Free Operation: Once set up, dash cams require minimal intervention from the investigator. They can focus on driving and following the subject while the dash cam continuously records.
  7. Legal Admissibility: Video footage captured by dash cams is generally considered admissible in court, provided it meets certain criteria (e.g., relevance, authenticity, chain of custody). This makes dashcams reliable tools for gathering legal evidence.
  8. Cost-Effective: Compared to other surveillance equipment, dashcams are relatively affordable and offer a high return on investment due to their versatility and durability.

Overall, dashboard-mounted cameras enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of surveillance operations conducted by private investigators, providing clear and objective documentation that can be crucial in legal proceedings.

Suggested Dash Cams Available on

iDrive Overview

Following is an overview of the product iDrive, which is a simple Car Dashboard Mount Camera that is available from

About the Cam Mounting

The iDrive cam is easily mounted on a car’s dashboard, but the tool can be mounted on just about any surface. The product has a dashboard mounting kit with 3M adhesive tape that securely fastens it. The camera is equipped with Pinpoint Laser Aiming, an integrated laser designed to help you aim the camera precisely. The red laser can be seen day or night to help specify where the camera will record footage.

Power Source for the Dashboard Cam

The battery-powered product uses three (3) AAA batteries as its power supply. This is a notable feature as it does not require vehicle power to run. Therefore, it is perfect for conducting quiet, covert surveillance. The batteries power the device for up to six (6) hours of continuous video recording. The car charger can be used for continuous power, which is more useful for conducting driving surveillance.

Playing Back Video

The dashboard cam records video footage in AVI format, which is not the most common format. Hopefully, the vendor will support additional file types as they update the product in future versions.

Using a media player, you can playback recorded videos on a Mac or a personal computer (PC). For example, the media player can be QuickTime or Windows Media Player. In addition, the product comes with a set of RCA cables to playback on a television. Of course, this assumes you have the proper input jacks on your TV. Connect the RCA cables directly to the device and the other end to the TV and use the controls to watch the recorded footage.

What is the Storage Capacity?

The Car Dashboard Mount Camera comes with a 32-gigabyte SD storage card that can store up to 15 hours of video footage. For its specific purpose, we rate the overall storage capacity as good. Fifteen hours should cover most surveillance jobs.

How is the Image Quality?

The device offers surprisingly clear QVGA full-color video in 400k resolution at 320 x 240. We rate the overall image quality as good. This product is currently unavailable for purchase. Visit to find other Dashboard Mounted Cameras.

Questions and Comments

Please comment below if you have questions, comments, or feedback about the iDrive dashboard camera.

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