Two Brothers Arrested in Chaotic New Orleans Mother’s Day Shooting

New Orleans police shooting

New Orleans Police have arrested two brothers in the shooting at a Mother’s Day parade that injured as many as 20 people, including two children. The New Orleans Police Department said that Shawn Scott (24 years old) and his brother Akein Scott (19 years old)  were taken into custody after the incident. As a result of the shootings and subsequent injuries, both brothers are charged with 20 counts of attempted murder. The New Orleans Police suspect the brothers were involved in a local gang and planned and executed the attack together.

The shooting incident happened at about 2:00 PM local time at the intersection of Frenchmen and Villere streets in New Orleans, Louisiana. The CCTV video footage of the scene and the attack helped law enforcement identify Akein Scott, and then connected him to his brother.

At a news conference near the site of the shooting on Thursday, Mayor Mitch Landrieu accused the suspects of “callously shooting into crowds of hundreds of citizens”. The Mayor also said, “The culture of violence is unnatural and unacceptable.”

Officials had been searching for Akein Scott since they were able to identify him as a potential suspect on Monday via CCTV footage. The local police also arrested four other people who were charged with both obstruction of justice and accessories to murder after the fact.


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