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Bones TV Series
The Bones TV Series

Series Overview

Bones is an American drama series that premiered on the Fox Television Network on September 13, 2005. The Bones TV series is centered around crime scene forensics and police criminal procedures.

Each season episode of Bones focuses on a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) case file concerning the mystery behind the discovery of human remains. The human remains are usually presented by FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth to the forensic anthropology team of Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan.

Emily Deschanel stars in the show’s lead acting role and stars along with David Boreanaz, who plays Special Agent Seeley Booth. The remainder of the cast includes actors Michaela Conlin, T. J. Thyne, Tamara Taylor, and John Francis Daley.

Hart Hanson created the Bones television series. The program is loosely based on the life of a real-life forensic anthropologist, Kathy Reichs, who is a producer on the series. The title character, Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan, is named after the protagonist of Reichs’ crime novel series. The show is a joint production by Josephson Entertainment, Far Field Productions, and 20th Century Fox Television.

List of Bones TV Series Episodes

The series ran for an impressive 12 seasons and had 246 episodes, each 43 minutes long. If you’re interested in crime scene investigations and police procedural dramas, you’ll love this series. Many of the cases are patterned after actual FBI cases, and the investigation procedures are true to the craft.

Each episode is packed with forensic material and provides an interesting depiction of the life of forensic anthropologists. All of the episodes are available for purchase via

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Bones: The Complete Series Bones: The Complete Series $54.96Amazon Prime

Season 1

  • S1 – E1 – Pilot – Brennan and Booth investigate the murder of a young, female intern in the U.S. Senate.
  • S1 – E2 – The Man in the SUV – The team works on a case of a diplomat accused of a suicide bombing. The forensic evidence suggests that he was framed for the crime.
  • S1 – E3 – A Boy in a Tree – Brennan and Booth investigate a hanging. At first, it appears to be a suicide, but the evidence leads them to believe otherwise.
  • S1 – E4 – The Man in the Bear – The team goes to Washington to find out how someone’s arm ends up in a bear.
  • S1 – E5 – A Boy in a Bush – In this episode, the duo worth together to figure out who killed a young boy.
  • S1 – E6 – The Man in the Wall – The body of a prominent nightclub DJ is found hidden behind a wall.
  • S1 – E7 – The Man on Death Row – This episode leads Booth and Brennan to investigate the case of a man on death row. They uncover evidence that sheds light on his case.
  • S1 – E8 – The Girl in the Fridge – A girl’s body is found in a refrigerator.
  • S1 – E9 – The Man in the Fallout Shelter – Brennan, Booth, and the team has to be quarantined in the lab due to a potentially deadly virus.
  • S1 – E10 – The Woman at the Airport – A call girl is murdered, and Booth and Brennan go to Los Angeles to investigate the murder.
  • S1 – E11 – The Woman in the Car – The team investigates the murder of a woman whose burned remains are found.
  • S1 – E12 – The Superhero in the Alley – Investigation into the death of a young person.
  • S1 – E13 – The Woman in the Garden – Two decomposed bodies are found and linked to a street gang and a U.S. Senator.
  • S1 – E14 – The Man on the Fairway – The team investigates a plane crash with a mysterious passenger.
  • S1 – E15—Two Bodies in the Lab: Brennan’s investigation of a mafia boss and a young woman lands him in the crosshairs of an assassin.
  • S1 – E16 – The Nightmare Within the Nightmare – The team searches for a serial killer, The Puppeteer.
  • S1 – E17—The Skull in the Desert: Angela finds a skull in the desert and fears it is her missing boyfriend.
  • S1 – E18 – The Man with the Bone – A dead body is found holding a 300-year-old finger.
  • S1 – E19 – The Man in Morgue – Brennan wakes up in a New Orleans hotel room and doesn’t know what happened the night before.
  • S1 – E20 – The Graft in the Girl – Booth’s boss wants to know why his daughter is dying of a rare form of lung cancer.
  • S1 – E21—The Soldier on the Grave: The team investigates the death of a protester in a famous cemetery.
  • S1 – E22 – The Woman in Limbo – Brennan makes a startling discovery about a woman’s remains.

Season 2

The second season has 21 episodes.

  • S2 – E1 – The Titan on the Tracks – An investigation on the site of a train wreck with important victims.
  • S2 – E2 – Mother and Child in the Bay – The remains of a pregnant woman washes up onshore.
  • S2 – E3 – The Boy in the Shroud – The remains of a teenage boy are discovered and his parents think his girlfriend was responsible for his murder.
  • S2 – E4 – The Blonde in the Game – The remains of a young girl are discovered
  • S2 – E5 – The Truth in the Lye – A partially dissolved body is found on a construction site.
  • S2 – E6 – The Girl in Suite 2103 – Brennan and Booth investigate the site of an explosion.
  • S2 – E7 – The Girl with the Curl – The decomposed body of a young model is found at a water filtration plant.
  • S2 – E8 – The Woman in the Sand – The body of a federal prosecutor may have been dumped in the desert by the mob.
  • S2 – E9 – Aliens in a Spaceship – The bodies of twin teens are found five years after their kidnapping.
  • S2 – E10 – The Headless Witch in the Woods – A gruesome discovery in the woods.
  • S2 – E11 – Judas on a Pole – Brennan and Booth’s investigation puts them in personal danger.
  • S2 – E12 – The Man in the Cell –
  • S2 – E13 – The Girl in the Gator –
  • S2 – E14 – The Man in the Mansion
  • S2 – E15 – Bodies in the Book
  • S2 – E16 – The Boneless Bride in the River
  • S2 – E17 – The Priest in the Churchyard
  • S2 – E18 – The Killer in the Concrete
  • S2 – E19 – Spaceman in a Crater
  • S2 – E20 – The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House
  • S2 – E21 – Stargazer in a Puddle

View a complete list of Bones TV series episodes on the show’s Wikipedia page. The series is also available on DVD.

Production Company and Executive Producers

Josephson Entertainment, Far Field Productions, and 20th Century Fox Television produce and distribute the Bones TV series. The executive producers are Barry Josephson, Carla Kettner, Hart Hanson, Ian Toynton, Jonathan Collier, Michael Peterson, Stephen Nathan, and Randy Zisk.

Critical Response, Ratings, and Awards

The series received generally positive ratings from its audience, resulting in the 12-season run. Here are some ratings from around the web:

  • Amazon Video viewers give the series a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Metacritic gave the show a rating of 55 out of 100
  • The series received 7.9 out of 10 stars on IMDB
  • rated the show 8.9 out of 10 stars
  • 95% of Google Users said they like the show

Questions and Comments

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about the Bones TV series, please visit or post a message below. If you’d like to view other detective TV crime and detective series, check our List of Police Crime Dramas.

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bones-tv-series Series Overview Bones is an American drama series that premiered on the Fox Television Network on September 13, 2005. The Bones TV series is centered around crime scene forensics and police criminal procedures. Each season episode of Bones focuses on a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)...


  1. My name is Barbara and I am a true fan of “Bones”, it was one of my favorite detective shows. I was truly upset when “Bones” went off the air, now I’m writing this comment so that Fox TV can put the show back on air. I need to watch episodes beginning in 2018-2019. I am hoping that you all will allow me to give that show the ratings it deserves.


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