Bobbi Kristina Brown Official Cause of Death

Bobbi Kristina Brown's Cause of Death
Learn about the official cause of Bobbi Kristina Brown's death.

Was Bobbi Kristina Brown a Victim of Circumstances?

This article provides an overview of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s cause of death and the events and circumstances that preceded it.

The recent incident of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s drug overdose is among the most discussed celebrity news online and offline. While she was battling for her life, experts on behavioral health and addiction argued over circumstances that may have led to the incident.

It is unfortunate for 21-year-old Bobbi Kristina’s father, singer Bobby Brown, to handle the tragedy as he lost his wife and Kristina’s mother, Whitney Houston, just three years ago in a similar drug overdose situation. There is some hope as Kristina is still on life support, but the situation was different with Whitney Houston as she was found dead in her bathtub at a Los Angles hotel.

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s painful legacy

Addiction expert Adi Jaffe states that Bobbi Christina’s life was tumultuous since birth, with both her parents struggling with drug addiction and wild behavior. Her genetic legacy made Bobbi prone to drug abuse, and her life was under severe stress due to the constant media glare. Children of celebrity parents have a tough life as their lives are constantly compared to their parents. Star kids sometimes resort to desperate measures to carve out their niche to measure up to their parents’ fame.

Incidents leading to the overdose

Following her mother, Whitney Houston’s tragic death in 2012, Bobbi Kristina appeared very disturbed and needed constant care and attention from her close ones. However, the lack of required psychological and emotional support may have led to her depression and eventually an overdose of drugs. According to behavior analysts, a recently released movie on Whitney Houston, followed by Bobby Brown’s interview about their weakness for drugs, may have been the catalyst for her current emotional outburst of Bobbi, which may now end her life tragically. There was a lot of internal turmoil in her life, as the movie showed Whitney, whom Bobbi was very close to, in a poor light.

Inappropriate choice of companion

Bobbi was found by her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, and another friend in her bathtub in a drugged state. The situation surrounding the incident suggests there may be more to the incident than what is being released to the media by police and Brown’s family. Few reports that have been released about the police investigation state that Bobbi Brown was found with suspicious injuries on her body.

Her choice of Nick Gordon as her boyfriend is considered inappropriate in some societal circles as Whitney had raised him as a son, though he was not formally adopted. A lack of parental guidance and support made her choose the wrong companion, who did not have her interest at heart.

Police officers are scrutinizing everyone in the house during the incident, including Nick Gordon and his friend, who is reported to have a long criminal record of possession of drugs and guns.

Hooked on Cocaine, Heroine,  when Found Unconscious in Bathtub, Say Sources

As she battles for her life, new reports are beginning to surface on what may have led to it. One of the latest allegations from sources close to the star is that she was hooked on hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, and others, although authorities found no trace of drugs in Brown’s house. According to these sources, Brown is said to have been found with unidentified drugs in her system in Georgia. Keep reading for Bobbi Kristina Brown’s cause of death.

Brown was trying hard but didn’t have a support system

Sources reported to People Magazine that the star has been abusing drugs regularly ever since her mother passed away in early 2012. One source said that she had visited a rehab facility at least once in the last three years and was in despair because of the approaching death anniversary of her mother on February 11. One reported that she did not have a sound support system and was still in the process of getting over her mother’s tragic death.

Houston, who was found dead in her bathtub in 2012, had Flexeril, Benadryl, and Xanax in her system, according to official toxicology reports. Allegations of Brown suffering from drug abuse and being found in a similar scenario as her mother are bringing back disturbing memories due to their eerie similarities.

Did Houston-Brown’s relationship and drug abuse take a toll on Bobbi Kristina?

One source says that Brown also had drinking problems and drug abuse. Zach Jafarzadeh, her ex-boyfriend, said that he suspected alcohol and Xanax may have led to the star’s hospitalization. Zach says he knew Brown had a rift with Nick Gordon, her boyfriend, just days before the incident. He says that she was upset and feeling depressed after the incident and may have taken more Xanax pills and bathed and blacked out in the bathtub. He adds that the star would take Xanax in more numbers than prescribed and that combining it with alcohol is what may have led to the dreadful incident.

Bobby Brown admitted in an Access Hollywood interview that drugs were a huge part of his and Houston’s lives when Bobbi Kristina was growing up. Sources say that Houston’s abusive and volatile relationship with Bobby Brown may have set off Bobby Kristina’s partying tendencies and led her in the wrong direction.

Even while Brown is hospitalized in Atlanta, her family continues to feud. Earlier, her cousin YF Kennedy had said that the star was clean, following which Bobby Brown, Kristina’s father, slammed him and other relatives for speaking out. While there have been mentions of how her fragile support system led to the incident, some sources say that some family members have come forward to offer media interviews in return for perks and money.

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Cause of Death

Brown died on July 26, 2015. Bobbi Kristina Brown’s cause of death was listed as “combined drug intoxication” on the autopsy report.

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