Bankruptcy Legal Forms for Each State

Bankruptcy Legal Forms for Each State

Bankruptcy occurs when individuals are unable to meet their financial obligations. It is often seen as a last resort, chosen only when no other financial resources are available to pay off debts or meet monthly budget obligations. The financial difficulties may be due to a variety of reasons. Difficult economic times, the loss of a job, or unplanned medical expenses can result in the need to file for bankruptcy. Both individuals and businesses can file for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy forms are required by each state to file a legal request for bankruptcy. In some cases, you may not need an attorney to file in your state. You may be able to file the necessary documents on your own.

Following are the legal bankruptcy forms available for each state, including:

  • All official bankruptcy forms for filing bankruptcy
  • Official proof of claim forms used by creditors to file claims with the bankruptcy courts
  • Chapter 13 plan forms.

For more information on bankruptcy, see our bankruptcy information page.

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