Automobile Recovery and Auto Repossession Services

auto recovery

Following are automobile recovery and automobile repossession resources.  Automobiles are repossessed when buyers default on the repayment of the debt on the car, usually in the form of an installment loan).  When buyers stop paying the loan or miss too many payments, the owner of the debt contracts with companies or individuals that provide automobile repossession services. Providers of these services are often known as as “repo” services or “repo men.

Private investigators sometimes specialize in providing automobile repossession services. To hire a private investigator that specializes in automobile recovery, please visit our Private Investigator Directory.

  • American Recovery Association – The American Recovery Association (ARA) is an organization of over 275 professional repossession agents in all fifty states and some foreign countries. The American Recovery Association is the largest and most respected of all automobile repossession associations. This is a repossession directory of the finest, most established recovery agents in the country.


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