Argentina Private Investigators and Investigation Agencies


Following is a list of private investigators and investigation agencies located in Argentina. Before hiring a private investigator, see our List of Tips for Hiring a P.I..

Detective Private Investigator Argentina

Owner: Jack Caitak
lavalle 1459 suite 54, capital federal, Buenos Aires Argentina 1048
Email: [email protected]

17718 Ministerio de justicia Presidencia de la Nacion

Our investigators are retired Federal Agents UY-IL and high level police intel officials. We are professional and experienced. Our clients are law firms, corporate entities, insurance companies and individuals. We have offices in Argentina . We are available 24/7 at (54)11 4040-2500 (Argentina ) and (305)851-2500 (USA).Our services are reliable, prompt and honest. We know how to conduct investigations in Argentina.

Services throughout all Argentina from our central Buenos Aires office and our associates in larger Argentina cities.


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