Area Code Search Websites and Reverse Lookup Tools

Area codes

Area codes are telephone number codes that designate certain calling areas. The format of an area code is NXX, where N is any digit 2 through 9 and X is any digit 0 through 9.

Initially, the middle digit of an area code had to be “0” or “1”. However, this restriction was removed in 1995 to allow for additional area code number combinations.

There are 800 possible combinations associated with the NXX format.  Some of these combinations are either not available or have been reserved for special purposes.

There are a number of websites that provide the ability to search for area codes and information related to a particular city. Many websites also provide reverse area code search capabilities, which allow you to enter a city and state to find the corresponding number. These tools are useful for investigators who are conducting missing person searches, skip tracing and attempting to track down debtors.

Private detectives may need to conduct such searches during the course of an investigation. It may only be a general part of the investigation’s information gathering process, such as determining the location of a crime, or a particular subject’s location. In addition, it may be part of the planning process related to plotting a surveillance mission across a particular geographic region.

Search and Lookup Websites

Following are some recommended resources for looking up area codes and conducting reverse searches:

  • – This website includes various search tools that allow you to lookup addresses and phone numbers.
  • – Provides phone area code lookups. This site was designed as an code locator to allow you to lookup numbers for all the states, cities, and other areas serviced under the North American Numbering Plan
  • Area Codes By Number – A list of United States codes arranged sequentially in numerical order.
  • Area Codes By State – A list of area codes for each state in the U.S.
  • Country Codes – Search for International Country Codes used for long distance calling. Search for international country calling codes available and the specific phone number.

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  • The Directory – Telephone prefix locator.  Find telephone prefixes by area code. This is a useful tool for determining the general area of a telephone number.
  • Verizon Area Code Lookup – Find the major locations in a certain area.  Find the codes that are used in a certain state by entering the state name.  The site also provides a historical view, which is helpful in determining what has changed, or locating individuals in an area where the code has changed.


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